Still on most of Joshua Leisk protocol

Had my moderna half dose booster on Thursday. Very different reaction compared to az with mild symptoms but my ME relapse started yesterday and now I'm very dizzy and body feels fatigued. If it continues I reckon I'll go downhill until the end of the 14 days and then I'll start to recover.

Overall though the relapse seems less aggressive so my hope is that it's a temporary relapse but that might be unlikely.

I've also got nausea and headache (in the evening) at the moment. But the dizziness is the worst part.

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Fingers crossed for you that you don't have to endure the entire 14 days of side effects! 'Side effects'---sounds so innocuous, doesn't it? Well, if you can lie low and not lose your balance and fall and if your immune system stays moderated, it will be a lovely Christmas present, no?
Haha yes! To be honest I'm more concerned with audio sensory induced brain inflamation and intracranial swelling. But if that doesn't occur that's probably the worst I can expect. I'll be sat down for the rest of the festivities 🤣
Ah. You had that too! I had to pickup something heavy tonight and felt much dizzier afterwards. I'm not a bit concerned my heart's been effected :( lasted a good hour or two. BUT I would normally be a lot worse after s covid vaccine so Im not that worried at present. Only 5 days in, 9 days left to go!

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