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Stealth Pathogen Theory

Hi everyone!

Since being tested positive for Borrelia 1 year ago I have been lingering around what outsiders would call the "chronic lyme theory".

I have seen multiple people getting better from lengthy antibiotic treatments, and while of course that brings risks - I think being so severly sick is a risk in it self, so the benefits would outwhey the risks - atleast theoretically.

What I have always been disliking about the chronic lyme community is the (very few thankfully) aggressive believers - or so I call them. The people that try to make lyme and/or co-infections responsible for everything under the sun neglecting other illnesses and pathology mechanisms totally. One person even threatend to get rid of my dog because he would keep infecting me with babesia and bartonella. How? He couldn't explain logically. Some people in that community tend to act like radical islamists that make it very difficult for the whole team. Personally I think the chronic lyme theory should be treated seriously. The amount of people it has helped is decent. Acting radical however will only result in viewing this as a conspiracy theory. Also I personally know a case who was falsly diagnosed with bartonella wich has resulted in overly extensive rifampin treatments that just made the person progressivly worse. You have to be careful with diagnosing this stuff.

Actual News:
I have sent some blood smears to a polish lab that claims to be very good at detecting bartonella and babesia in said blood smears through the giemsa stain. My results came back and apparantly I have 5% parasitemia with babesiosis.

Kinda smells fishy. While 5% parasitemia in babesia may sound likely for an acute infection with fever etc, a chronic infection tends to be usually described as low grad, relapsing and with fewer pathogens in the blood stream.

So, of course I am desperate. I will perhaps talk with a doctor about how to few this results and maybe go for a atovaquone treatment to see how this goes, if I herx, if I get better, or nothing happens at all.

Further there has been some decent information about the plant "cryptolepis" being active in vivo at attacking babesia so I will most likely try this aswell.

I will keep you updated.
Oh and of course this treatment will take place AFTER my apheresis. I dont wanna do 2 treatments at the same time as I think thats stupid.



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