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HELP-Apheresis is done

Hi fellow ME people,

this entry has a quick summary wich is intended to be reader friendly for severe ME patients.
I think we all should do this more often to include our severe fellows, if possible.

3 Days ago I underwent the HELP-apheresis in germany. The procedure was quite a ride giving me dizzyness and diarrhea, but I recently feel like I am slowly returning back to baseline. In my oppinion people should be careful to not do them to often (I think 7 days is too less, you should spread them out atleast 14 days each, if you consider doing more then 1).

I have been sleeping 9-10 hours each night since (usually i only get 6-7h) and i start to return to baseline.
I had a small energy boost this morning that allowed me to clean the shower a little bit. Now i feel worse but that was of course from the exertion.

In general i feel like the apheresis won't harm me long term but i dont really feel much benefits. I got these energy boosts randomly without apheresis aswell so its hard to tell if it came from that, or just because of the massive sleep amounts.

At the moment I found it OK to try, and I am thankful I gave it the try but I would consider it currently: Not harmful, but not worth the money.

Summary for brainfogged and severe users:
-HELP-apheresis was hard on my body but tolerable with electrolytes, bcaa, sugar, magnesium and fats
-Returning to baseline now (no big crash, just more fatigue)
-For me not worth the money at the moment
-Glad I tried it
-So far no major harm

If you consider it yourself:
-Expect worsening before improvement
-Spread treatments out (7 days is not enough between 2 treatments, in my oppinion)
-consider electrolytes, sugar, high fat and protein right after (bcaa drink, electrolytes and eggs for example)
-listen very closely to your body. some have done 3 treatments and got worse, if you have no benefit stop doing it. dont harm youself.
-consider doing it in germany, the standards here seem good

Greetings, Blazer.


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