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Feeling Like a grilled Tire

Today, I woke Up thinking I slept awesome because my Fitbit told so. Needless to say its always risky to make such a bold Statement when you have unpredictable ME.

The watch told me i got 9h of sleep with a solid 2,5h of deep sleep. My HRV was at 45ms wich is very high for me so I thought wow. It will be a great day.

Turned Out to be Shit. Weird BP surges, Low Pulse. Chest pain again. Weird Electroschock Feelings in my limbs. Feeling Like passing Out the whole Symptom Crew came to visit.

Today I took:
Citalopram and Pantoprazol upon awakening as usual.
After that i proceeded to Take my multivitamins and my Nac.
At noon I decided to Go for the NAD+ I have ordered.

I feel Like the NAD gives small amounts of Energy. We will See what the Future Brings.

At 8. April i have my First pre-appt for Help apheresis. The apheresis itself should Take place a week later.

Stay tuned. My brainfog is Shit sorry.


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