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Covid day 56

I started to feel better around day 40, lactoferrin 900mg a day appeared to ameliorate coat hangar pain.

Then this weekend after trying lots of antihistamines and decongestants (most of which crashed me for 24 hours) the coat hanger pain lifted and I now don't have any. I am only taking low doses of larozotide and lactoferrin now so I am not really sure why the coat hanger pain has suddenly gone.

I am also able to tolerate gaming for about 1 to 2 hours but with dysautonomia flaring in the second hour. However my body bounces back from this quickly.

I am also able to tolerate some activity outside, prob 20 minutes of walking but that's about it. More importantly for me I have not had another flare of gastroparesis thank god.

The only things I've done differently are taking magnesium ascorbate 1g 3x a day (which ameliorates my allergic asthma and lung pain I found out, works just as well as hydrocortisone did, so need to remember that for future). Decongestants in lemsip definitely help but sudafed crashes me and I can't even stay awake on it.

I've been tracking pollen levels and I am definitely suffering from early hay fever, but there doesn't appear to be a huge correlation between the levels of pollen and symptom relief. That is brainfog was very bad on days that had less pollen. So maybe the brainfog was being caused by something else. I was a bit dubious about whether I had crashed last week due to over activity the previous weekend as well, so maybe that was a factor.

Overall thou baseline has improved and I think lactoferrin and magnesium ascorbate helped, as I am sure valtrex and low dose doxy do. But today I have suffered from low grade temperature and congestion, so I am hoping this won't cause a worsening - yet it seems unrealistic to expect so. By week 12 thinks should be back to normal. this is almost as long as it takes to recover from the booster, so my booster recovery appears to correlate with the severity of my covid infection and my recovery. One thing I will say is that the downside with the vaccines is the reactivation of all viruses with the absence of a fever. The fever in normal infection nukes a variety of different viral reactivations as does the intefereon. With a vaccine like covid, this doesn't happen so if the persons immune system is susceptible to bad reactivations, it can take months (or it never happens) to recover.

Also Dr Claire Taylor recently said that she regularly sees covid patients who don't get infected after their initial infection for a few years, which is baffling and makes no sense and in theory cannot be down to just luck alone. Scientiifcally there's no viable reason why that would be the case, luck may be a factor but 2 to 3 years is an odd timespan if said person is exposed but never gets ill. So what's going on there? Maybe there is more to the immune system than we already understand.
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2 days later I got a bad head cold and I've had it all week. With asthma, breathlessness, sound sensitivity, dysautonomia and fatigue. Guess the cold reactivated the COVID :/

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