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Covid Day 59

After herxing a lot yesterday taking 250mcg of kpv for a bad head cold I woke up today feeling pretty good, not 100% but still better than the previous day. Brainfog and worsened dizziness are very common with kpv but always abate the following day and almost always 90% of the time are followed by improvement in function.

Today was thankfully no exception. With 90% of the congestion gone from my head my brainfog actually more or less disappeared for the first time in about two weeks. I still have some thick catar but it's the kind you get when a cold is on the way out.

Today I apparently did just over 1500 steps according to my fitbit tracker (normally it's 300), I was probably able to walk around for 25 minutes, although the intention was to only do 10 (aggressive pacing!). But I ended up doing a bit more. I haven't crashed and haven't had any major issues from that. I am not expecting any PEM tomorrow to be clear, I feel this is likely a lot to do with my Molnupivarir courses for covid.

I did restart omega 3 yesterday for the first time in about 12 months. I herxed on that too, worsened fatigue oddly, so it might be contributing to my energy levels. PureEPA makes me feel fantastic but then ebv reactivates so I can't take much of that. Pomegrenate juice extract also is amazing as it increase mitophagy but I have been too scared to take it post covid. However I might give it a go soon. The effects of the omega 3 are possibly almost as good as taking the pomegrenate.

I am not currently able to drive though and don't intentionally walk any long distances. But today was a green 80% function day in my diary which I've only had about 3 of since I got covid and pre covid I had about 15 in a month - to give you an idea.

So I am thinking of maybe taking a high dose of kpv one more time, just to see if it's effecting my long covid, not just nuking my head cold. I knew it would work for a head cold because I found out it worked for that about 2 years ago.

I've also come to realise that a lot of my symptoms are caused my inflammation. It was mild for so many years I didn't notice until very recently it was inflammation. But it definitely is. Even my brainfog and worsened dysautonomia are caused by some special flavour of that. I think the chronic mouth ulcers I used to get, were due to inflammation as opposed to viral load (likely both). The incidence of these has dropped dramatically since I would say my first molnupivarir course start of 2023. Whatever cuases my ME would appear to be responsible for reactivating other viruses and causing a ton of inflammation too.

I am therefore thinking that Truvada is probably a likely candidate for remission for me, valtrex won't work as it's only a dna antiviral. I can't wait to see what the polybio trial shows up, even a 50% success rate would say a hell of a lot.


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