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Covid day 39

I've got air hunger now which I haven't had for about two or three years and fatigue in my upper arms with bad coathanger pain. Again haven't had those since 2022 probably about October time. Why did it get better? Not sure but I think not getting COVID would have helped.

I'm hopeful tho that this is just because I've supressed the inflammation a bit but something else has now reactivated.

Over the weekend I had a crash which I've still not fully recovered from. But I haven't had any lung pain for about two days and my brainfog is about the same. Have been suffering from congestion on work meetings but hoping this will improve.

Definitely struggling worse than I have in the past as the fatigue in my upper arms is worst than I usually get. Although it's from PEM.

My energy levels are weirdly ok possibly because of the microbiome friendly diet that I now eat.

But it seems like blood flow is an issue. Funnily enough I ran out of nattokinase so maybe the two are related. I'll buy more when I get paid. Maybe I just have micro clotting. I can at least try some aspirin for that!


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