Still on half joshua leisk protocol - Flu jab time!

So it's been 4 days since I had the flu jab and I feel pretty good. Not 100% but about 90% and for me considering every single year brings on 2 weeks of feeling crap after the flu jab (from memory this was even true when I was on ginseng) basically nothing has helped me with that, but the current stack and Josh's supps have been a huge difference. I can't believe where I am now with my ME and my health, it's honetly amazing and quite exciting. In a week or two I should be able to re-start short walks and work back up to 1 hour walks again. I still have a few things to experiment with.

Learner1 has been healing me with a few ideas, specifically glutathione, NMN and NAD+ among a few others.

I am currently taking:

  • Magnesium
  • Biglycinate 500mg 3x a day (100mg elemental mag)
  • Mag malate 30mg mag and 600mg malate 3x a day
  • 2g mag ascorbate (inc 1.8g vitamin c) 3x a day

  • Selenium 100mg AM
  • zinc 15mg AM
  • Vitamin E 200UQ AM

  • Curcumin inc ginger and black pepper 1.2g 3x a day

  • R-ala 200mg 3x a day
  • 1 capsule life extension resihi extract 3x a day

  • NAC 1.7g 3x a day

  • B12 on occasion, I'll prob go back to dosing at the weekend as the new bottle no longer makes me photosensitive or tired (But I believe this is due to glutathione which has used up some of my b12 which was very high in my blood plasma).

  • Vitamin D 8000IU per day (last serum plasma was at 77 I think, but I will be getting it re-tested at some point, the main thing is it's rising back to over 100 and I am pleased about that).

Then my 3x a day cocktail
  1. Glycine 5g
  2. actyle choline 180mg
  3. whey protein isolate 1 tablespoon
  4. 300mg potassium AM

Oat bran has been taken out currently I have a theory it causes very high prolactin hormone levels due to teh 2500mg beta glucan intake per day. This a theory - my next blood test in 3 weeks should tell me whether this is accurate or not.

I really can't believe the difference all this has made and I think I am continuing to make improvements, the next few months should be interesting. I will be very happy if I can manage 2 hour walks even if it's just once a week.

Brain fog continues to be problematic at times though, but it's not caused by fatigue, it could be caused by hypoglycemia or low levels of immune activation. At any rate I'm still working on this.


I thought you might! 😁

Yes it's going very well at present. Still tweaking and refining though. Got to wait 3 weeks now for my 16s DNA analysis of my microbiome so I can see what my gut bacteria look like. Although so far most of the recommended probiotics aren't available.

Which makes me think I'll just have to go with the many strains many cfus approach which Carol took (it was a healthrising article from a few years ago).
I am glad that this protocol works for you, thank you for sharing. I did take some of these supplements in the past like NAC and vitamin C, and some others I still take.

Which supplement do you think helped you the most?
@Viala hello. To be honest they've all sort of worked together but I'd say

R-ala, oat bran, glycine, life extension reishi extract, Thorne b complex. If you can do that for 2 months and you have a unpleasant response that bodes well - the unpleasantness can go on for awhile but the worst of it seems to last 2 to 4 weeks. Some people are non responders and it just never works. For me the first 2 weeks were the worst. I took a break and restarted only to go through the hellish 2 week phase all over again....uh! Won't ever do that again.
Oh and the probiotic solaray 24 strain has been instrumental I think for me.

Of course for some people it lasts a lot longer than this or just doesn't work for them.
Thank you @godlovesatrier. I always stopped taking a supplement when it made me worse, too worried that it could cause some long lasting effect. Glad to hear that it eventually gets better on some protocols, I don't know if I could make 2 weeks feeling much worse. I might try glycine and reishi is something I never tried.
@Viala - when I first took glycine (6 or 7 years ago), it caused a very strong detox reaction for me. I was taking it for sleep, and I would have had to stop it because it hit me like a truck - only my chiropractor who does muscle testing, checked it for me and said that it actually was good for me but that I should start with a much smaller dose. I'm so glad I listened to him. I cut the dose way back and gradually increased it over 6 months. At the end of 6 months I no longer reacted badly to it. Additionally, my almost constant detox reaction to various things which had cleansing properties of some sort (e.g., apple cider vinegar, cayenne, lots more) had stopped. I think the glycine (and inositol and glutamine also) restored or repaired my detox pathways so I hardly ever react badly in that way any more. I would not have been able to try all the different things I have without muscle testing being a very accurate guide most of the time. I now do it myself though I will check with my chiropractor off and on to confirm things.
You are truly one of my heroes, @godlovesatrier .... you undertook an extremely convolute, difficult, demanding and expensive protocol and you stuck to it.

I know it helped that Josh was generously available for on-going adjustments and consultations, but even with that, it couldnt have been exactly a walk in the park. It required an enormous amount of courage, or as you'd probably say, desperation :D:D:D ....

I'm sooooo happy that it's paying off for you, tho selfishly I worry that as you get better, we may lose you here at PR.

Please say it ain't so :aghhh::aghhh::aghhh: .....

Again, thank you for trialing a difficult protocol, and even more, for posting about it daily and updating your reactions, responses, improvements, triumphs, and stumbles, allowing us all to benefit from your courage.... :balloons: :trophy::trophy::trophy::trophy: :star::star::star: :tulip: :balloons::balloons:
Thank you @Mary, I took glycine for a while, but don't recall any major side effects, how much did you take? I definitely didn't take more than 2g a day. It's interesting about muscle testing, do you think it is possible to learn it on our own? Sounds like a very useful tool that could be used practically for everything.
Hi @Viala - I believe I initially took one gram of glycine, which hit me so hard. And then I had to cut way back to maybe 50 mg, - I can't remember. It was several years ago. But I can take it now with no problem.

About muscle testing - I think you can learn it on your own though I think it's best to first have it done by someone knowledgeable. And I DO use it for everything! I'll send you a PM :)

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