Joshua Leisk protocol

Been looking back at prior blog entries lately, this one specifically:

I can't believe I was out walking 3 times a week back then. I wasn't taking any green tea, no bcaas's, just probiotics, oat bran (I am not sure how much I was taking which is annoying), potassium and ALA.

However the ALA may have been doing some heavy lifting where oxidative stress is concerned and if that's the primary issue for us inc inflamation then that might be why the protocol worked so well for me.

Even so I am not PEM blocked anymore and haven't been for 4.5 months.

The issue with these new treatments is that you just can't be sure of your baseline. Whilst I know what to fall back on, how do I know the 6 to 8 months of improved health I had where not just a fluke? I am not getting the flu vaccine this year that's for sure, as they don't do me any good and covid has displaced the flu anyway, scientists actually believe flu is dying out because of covid displacing it - maybe this is not so surprising?

I did try some equilibrant today but the brain fog is pretty shocking and I only took 1 tablet.

So I am thinking of just going back to stuff I was taking in October - I'd be happy with that level of functioning I think and maybe I can improve it a bit with some extra supplements to lower oxidative stress? I would take ALA but it seems to make me a bit foggy and it chelates iron and a few other minerals which were rock solid until I started it. So that puts me off taking them.


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