Day 40

Something didn't feel right thismorning, woke up without any energy and didn't even take reishi and lions mane in the evening, so by the time the morning comes around (bare in mind I was flat out asleep for 9 hours) I should feel better, instead I just felt worse than I did the evening before. Apart from driving to the supermarket (I didn't go in) I didn't do anything yesterday, I wasn't even able to do any work.

So my ME in terms of all body fatigue is worse, mentally I feel fine but haven't got the energy to speak to my gf or indeed anyone now.

So I am going to switch out the lions mane and reishi for Lauricidin, as that kills ebv and bacteria - which were the two main things I always began to have problems with. I'll see if that corrects me, but I must admit since the 2nd covid jab I have felt all my symptoms re-appearing, it was like the jab just buggered up my gains.

So maybe once the covid jab immune response is over (In another 2 weeks) I might start to improve enough to be able to go back on the reishi and lions mane.


It does sound like that doesn't it. Well I am off the lions mane and glucans now, reishi only for the next few days, i think that will allow me to recover. I did also go through this with the reishi the first time where I went through 2 weeks of feeling very tired (falling asleep in the evenings and stuff) before I started to feel the benefit.

I am just amazed how much the covid jab has effected my immune system in terms of making me go backwards. But I am slightly more confident this will pass now. It's worse than the first time though and no fun. Hiding it from my employer for the time being.

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