1. Hip

    POLL: Do You Have a Sacral Dimple on Your Lower Back? (Can be Medically Significant, and May be Linked to ME/CFS)

    This poll asks whether you have a sacral dimple on your lower back, within (or just above) the crease between the buttocks. If you have a sacral dimple, this may be medically significant, as it can be an indicator of possible spinal abnormalities. And a sacral dimple may also be linked to...
  2. sometexan84

    (POLL) Which of the following viral/bacterial infection tests have you had?

    I am working on combining all studies over the past 40 yrs to determine which infections are most associated with ME/CFS. (it's not finished) Will be interesting to see how that correlates w/ ME/CFS testing All of these have been linked to ME/CFS multiple times over the years (aside from HHV-7...
  3. D

    Poll: Did you get correctly diagnosed with a mental illness before you were diagnosed with ME/CFS?

    I manage multiple mental health conditions and have since long before the onset of my fatigue disorder. What about you? If you were incorrectly diagnosed with a mental illness because your doctor thought your fatigue syndrome was in your head, please answer NO above.
  4. A

    Sleep Poll

    I will leave the definition of lack of sleep up to you. If you do improve with lack of sleep a brief description of what improves will be interesting. It does'nt matter if you are/are'nt taking anything to get to sleep. Thank you and goodnight. :sleep:
  5. sometexan84

    Do you have an active EBV infection? (POLL)

    Hopefully this is pretty self-explanatory. Very intrigued to see the responses. But remember there's a difference between the following (4) elements (they all mean different things): EBV VCA IgM EBV Early Antigen (EA) IgG EBV VCA IgG EBV Nuclear Antigen IgG High Titers = Positive = High =...
  6. sometexan84

    How Many ME/CFS-related Tests have you done? (POLL)

    Seeing another poll made me want to create my own! So, something like a Complete Blood Panel, I'd count as (1) test. Something like testing for multiple types of Echovirus and multiple types of Coxsackie B, I'd count as (2) tests. Stuff like, Sleep Tests, disease diagnosis, an MRI, a...
  7. C

    ME/CFS and emotional blunting, apathy, anhedonia, depersonalization, derealization

    Hi, I have been suffering from me/cfs since 2014. As a lot of you I’ve been trying many different treatments from medications to spiritual and lifestyle change, however nothing seems to work that well. However, for the last month or two I am experiencing some emotional changes. Sometimes I am...
  8. gbells

    For Age 25+ w/ history of Chicken Pox and ME. Fever poll.

    Please answer this poll only if you are age 25 or older and have a history of chicken pox infection and chronic Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. Please indicate in text if you have lower body temperature in general as well.
  9. stefanosstef

    Poll: Have you been helped from gabapentin or pregabalin?

    My psychiatrist really insists that gabapentin will help me with neuroinflammation symptoms.Honestly he seems stubborn about it.I've got zero benefits, tried it for a couple of months at 600mg + 1200mg, he said it needs more time initially (after 20-30 days that we talked), then he said to up...
  10. Jwarrior77

    POLL: Have Antibiotics Helped Your ME/CFS Symptoms?

    Have Antibiotics of any type helped your ME/CFS symptoms? If yes please say what type of antibiotics helped you. I also included an option in which antibiotics helped you, but not solely related to ME/CFS symptoms.
  11. Pyrrhus

    B12: a simple 5-second poll for everyone

    This is a simple 5-second poll for anyone who has ever tried a B12 supplement in any form. Many thanks to everyone who responds! Please feel free to share your experience in more detail in a post.
  12. Jwarrior77

    Swollen Lymph Nodes Poll

    So since getting sick over a year ago I've developed swollen Lymph nodes in my neck. Now I know this is very common in ME/CFS. However most people I encounter have painful lymph nodes that come and go. Their lymph nodes are also usually enlarged on both sides of their neck. My swollen Lymph...
  13. Jwarrior77

    Best Types Of Vitamin C Poll

    What are the types of vitamin c that have helped you the most? Thanks.
  14. W

    Poll: Sleep Position vs ME Severity

    I'm wondering if sleep position makes a difference in ME severity. It is possible, so maybe a poll will show some interesting results. If you know that you sometimes sleep on your side, and sometimes on your back, and consistently feel better or worse after those nights, you can enter two...
  15. P

    Poll: How Many of You Chelated Mercury and Cured Any Condition?

    For those who attempted a chelation protocol to remove mercury - and you succeeded in doing a minimum of 20 rounds of chelation - what was your result? I created a poll to capture that question. In the discussion: * State your disease or symptoms that made you believe you had a heavy metal...
  16. Sarah94

    Poll: anti inflammatories

    See poll question
  17. Sarah94

    POLL: your cortisol levels

    This could be your cortisol tested in saliva or blood or whatever. What is 'normal' will depend on the reference range used by the lab who tested it.
  18. gbells

    Poll for SEIDs patients who had nagalase testing

    Answer this poll only if you had nagalase testing and did not have cancer at that time.
  19. Sarah94

    Poll: Nimodipine (Nimotop)

    If you've tried nimodipine, how did it affect you?
  20. Sarah94

    Turmeric/Curcumin poll

    By mental energy I mean cognitive function, cognitive ability, brain energy, or whatever you prefer to call it. Thank you.
  21. Sarah94

    Poll on magnesium

    How does magnesium (any form - oral, transdermal, injection, nebulised) affect you? If you have tried magnesium multiple times and had different results, then you can check more than one option on the poll.
  22. Hip

    CCI SURVEY – for all ME/CFS patients tested for CCI and related conditions (please answer whether tested positive or negative)

    Craniocervical Instability, Chiari and Spinal Stenosis Survey For ME/CFS patients diagnosed positive or negative for CCI and related conditions This survey is for ME/CFS patients who sent their MRI or CT scan to Dr Gilete, Dr Bolognese, Dr Henderson, Prof Smith or another neurosurgeon and...
  23. I

    Poll: dexamethasone

    Hi everybody, I found that dexamethasone helped a lot with my symptoms, including PEM/PENE. I didn't take it on a constant basis, but in a "pulsed" fashion: 3 days every 2-3 weeks. The dosage seems to be low with 1mg. I do have severe side effects starting with 2mg (much louder tinnitus - which...
  24. W

    Poll: Have you Experienced Temporary Remissions?

    I've experienced over half a dozen temporary remissions over the years. They've been abrupt switches back to apparently full health, followed by abrupt switches back to regular ME. They've also made me feel bouncy with energy (Tigger mode), although that may just have been in comparison to...
  25. Sarah94

    Poll about whether you have got better or worse

    I am posting this poll because I want to be able to be realistic about hopes for improvement. Please tick any and all options that are true for you. You can tick multiple options. By "treatments" I mean anything which has helped you like medications, supplements, or 'alternative' treatments...
  26. Hip

    POLL: Did your interstitial cystitis or overactive bladder appear after starting a new sexual relationship (it may be due to catching a virus)?

    This poll is for anyone who has interstitial cystitis (IC), also called painful bladder syndrome, or the similar condition of overactive bladder (OAB), also called irritable bladder. Both IC and OAB produce strong urinary urgency resulting from uncontrollable nervous contractions of the...
  27. mattie

    Tracking CCI / AAI MRI & Treatment outcomes

    Starting this thread to keep track of ME-CFS patients who have been tested for craniocervical instability / atlantoaxial instability / chiari / spinal stenosis. Because the number of patients that test positive is getting significant now, especially considering the low number of patients tested...
  28. Hip

    POLL: Which text format do you find easier to read with ME/CFS blurred vision?

    Many ME/CFS patients suffer from some degree of blurred vision. This blurred vision is not due to having the wrong prescription of glasses or contact lenses, but likely due to some ill health effects in the retina or eye lenses, or perhaps in the optic nerve or the visual processing areas of the...
  29. BeautifulDay

    My poll about family members with ME. I have a small sample showing a pattern. I need more data to confirm.

    I came across a pattern where a certain group of people with ME had a 100% chance of something. Statistically, they should have had a 5% chance. My sample was small and I presume with a larger sample, it will go below 100%. Yet, even if it proved to be a 10% (double the realistic odds ratio)...
  30. L

    Poll: Do your symptoms improve when you fast for 1-2 days?

    I purposely picked 1-2 days as a sweet spot educated guess. Too little time fasting might not be enough time to see symptoms improve, too much time fasting might cause ME symptoms to get worse.