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For Age 25+ w/ history of Chicken Pox and ME. Fever poll.

(Chickenpox&ME +, age 25+ only) Do you have fewer fevers than before contracting ME?

  • Yes (It is more difficult to get a fever and you rarely get fevers with active infections)

    Votes: 10 83.3%
  • No (Same number of fevers)

    Votes: 2 16.7%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


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I voted yes. I also have lower body temperature in general.

I'm one of the PWME who doesn't get colds or flu anymore. I think I developed ME/CFS in 2003. I haven't had a flu since 2004, and haven't had a cold since 2007. I had a sore throat with significantly deepened voice last year, with extra fatigue but no other symptoms except that my body temp went to normal, so I suppose that's my version of a fever now.


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I had chicken pox about age 5. I got shingles twice during the year 2000 (I was 47 then.) Fortunately no pain remained after that.

I almost never get a fever no matter how unwell I feel . I didn't get a fever with the infection I got in March 2018 which led to ME/CFS.
As whatever it was remained afebrile, it was very hard to know what had infected me. Blood tests for various infections, viral and bacterial showed nothing.

The one thing that did give me a fever (April this year) was Covid-19. When the fever broke I felt better than I'd felt for ages, for at least 2 weeks. Still a bit wobbly and convalescent, but almost as if the ME/CFS had disappeared! Vain hope of course, hoped that it had, but no such luck in the following weeks.

Yes my "normal" temperature is always lower than 37C (98.6) and has been all my life. 37 for me is a low grade fever. But the Covid one went much higher than that for 3 days.


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Hello Everyone......I'm 73, had chicken pox and have had 4 outbreaks of shingles, 3 were one right after the other. I was bedridden for a year or close to it; the 4th attack had occurred years earlier when I was still in my 30's. Each successive outbreak was more painful than the last...I would hate to get shingles again. It's truly a miserable, painful thing to have. I was left with neuropathic pain, but that seems to have disappeared within the last few mos.

I do always register with a lower body temperature, and I've had plenty of attention to that lately due to the coronavirus. The new shingles immunization is out, and we had to wait a few weeks (in early autumn) b/c they were out of the vaccine itself (dead virus is used). Two shots about 4-6 wks. apart and it's something like 90-95% effective. The old one was only about 55% effective, so you can see that this is a huge difference. I had no after-effects from the injections at all....zero. Yours, Lenora


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United States, New Hampshire
I almost never get a fever no matter how unwell I feel .

Same with me. I haven't had a cold, flu or any kind of infection for countless years. At least 10-15 but maybe 20 or more. I also haven't had a fever for just as long.

Although I've had some really nasty CFS flares that feel just like the flu, they never last more than a day and I never have a fever with them. My body temperature also runs a little low.


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Northern California
I am over 25, and I have had ME for 6 years.

During this time my average body temp has been 97.6. (I do not have hypothyroidism.)

No matter how sick I get -- including a seriously infected abcess -- no fevers.

This is unfortunate, as many doctors still rely on fever as an indicator of illness, or severity of illness. Sigh.
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