1. Hip

    POLL: Swollen lymph nodes: Did you have these before getting ME/CFS, or did they only appear after?

    Swollen lymph nodes are linked to chronic fatigue syndrome, and are one of the characteristic symptoms of ME/CFS (tender lymph nodes, especially in the neck or armpit, are listed in the CCC and CDC Fukuda criteria for ME/CFS). In my case, I developed some mild (but permanent) swollen lymph...
  2. Cort

    Symptoms After Exercise Poll (PEM)

    This is to inform a survey we are working on... What are your most prominent symptoms after too much physical exercise? Please pick the top four Please let me ones that I've missed. Thanks!
  3. Cort

    The Muscle Fatigue Vs Muscle Weakness Poll

    I am wondering if there is a split between people who experience muscle 'fatigue' vs muscle 'weakness'. Here is my understanding of the difference between the two: Muscle fatigue - associated with pain, burning sensation, muscle cramping or other bothersome symptoms. With muscle fatigue...
  4. Cort

    Alcohol Tolerance Poll

    Alcohol intolerance is frequently mentioned in connection with ME/CFS but how common is it? Let's find out. Take the Alcohol Tolerance Poll :). You can click on more than one answer.
  5. Cort

    Lost in the World? The Romberg Test Poll

    Standing is just not a pleasant experience for many people with CFS. The autonomic nervous systems of a chunk of people with ME/CFS dysfunction when they stand up - sending their heart rates soaring, their blood vessels opening instead of closing and , their brains into confusion due to...
  6. Cort

    The Family Member ME/CFS Prevalence Poll Take II

    Does ME/CFS crop up in families? Take the poll and lets find out! If at least one member of the following groups has something that appears to be ME/CFS (mysterious fatiguing and debilitating disorder doctors cannot figure out) please check them.
  7. Cort

    Rich Vank's Simplified Methylation Protocol Poll

    If you have tried Rich's Simplified Methylation Protocol please take the poll (This poll was created by Caledonia. after a glitch in the first poll showed up, we shut that down and recreated it here - sorry about the problems.). In your comments afterwards you might want to state how long you...
  8. R

    The relapse poll

    How long is your longest relapse? I'm just curious. I've been in a bad crash for nine months. :(
  9. S

    Poll: Has raising the head of your bed helped your OI/POTS/NHM?

    The lifestyle advice for orthostatic intolerance includes raising the head of your bed so that the whole bed is on a tilt. The idea is to both recondition your body and keep fluid in your blood rather than it moving to your bladder and dehydrating you during the night. Advice varies...
  10. Cort

    What Types of Fatigue Do I Experience Poll

    A study found five different types of fatigue present in people with ME/CFS, only one of which commonly occurred in healthy people. Please click on the types of fatigue that you experience to a significant degree in your daily life.
  11. K

    Do your children have ME/CFS?

    coxy, one of our new members, posted: hi, i'm new. i'm a M.E mum of 4 children, 2 of them also have M.E i'm afraid.
  12. Cort

    The Onset Poll

    This poll is on the type of onset you experienced. Because some studies have shown stressful events prior to onset are increased in general in ME/CFS it includes a stress component. Besides something as obvious as a chronic illness, loss of job or to the family researchers can include such...
  13. Cort

    The Salt Poll

    Salt is an intriguing substance in chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS). An important electrolyte it can raise blood pressure and tighten up our arteries. Some people with ME/CFS crave salt; others can't handle it at all. Where do you fit on the salt spectrum? From Wikipedia:
  14. B

    Poll on Children of CFS patients and Autism

    I have CFS and my 2 boys are on the autism spectrum. I thought I'd start a poll out of curiosity to see how many CFS parents have children on the spectum.
  15. Cort

    The Basic Sleep Poll

    Sleep has been called 'The First Symptom' in CFS. If you can start to repair your sleep you've got a chance; if you can't then you're in real trouble. For some people who have a sleep disorder sleep is it - fix it and they're cured; for others sleep is just one part of the puzzle. So how is...
  16. Cort

    The Work Poll

    Studies suggest that a significant percentage of patients are either out of the workplace or are, or how shall we put it, being limited financially by this disease. The CDC estimates that the average economic costs per family of this disease are about $25,000 a year and that this disease costs...