Valtrex (GSK version) - 500mg twice a day


So my symptoms all came back as soon as I stopped the Famvir :( Fatigue came back, PEM came back, I even crashed for about half a day (overlap of re-arranging the living room one night). So I spent 2 days trying to find novartis famvir, which is either discontinued - unable to purchase - or costs a fortune. I can't spend 3k a month on european famvir so I'm stuck with the indian stuff.

However, I did have a box of Valtrex from GSK which i bought and never tried. It's a bit pricey, to reach the IC50 doses it's prob £600 a month. Close to IC50 at 500mg a day is more like £360 a month. So as I said pricey, but it if keeps you in work and gets you your life back, who cares.

I took 500mg thismorning at 8:57 and by 9:57 experienced a typical lerner herx really. In my case dizziness, slight join pain and worsened fatigue.

Last time I took indian valtrex it made me depressed, shockingly bad dizziness (just awful), fatigue didn't improve much that I can remember.

My hypohesis as to why Famvir and Valtrex haven't done that this time is as follows:

I think the joshua liesk protocol detoxed my body, even of heavy metals and it reduced my viral load substantially for 12 months. Even though ebv re-activated in February while interviewing for a new job (mainly to pay for the Famvir) I do still think the entrenched virus which was in my neck, cranial cervical junction, spine was vastly improved. Even if throat and ent area was easily re-infected after ebv re-activated. Also I am certain after speaking to @Learner1 that the vaccines re-activate viruses, hardly surprising if I'm honest considering a cold or virus does the same thing. So I am not surprised. However combine that with stress over several weeks and the beta glucans and polysaccharides aren't strong enough to be blunt.

Also another issue with the joshua leisk protocol that only came out over time. Is that it chelates iron, zinc and copper. 3 substances do this. it also surpresses 5-ar which is going to effect hormones. My sex drive is just bizarre these days, very low or low. Neutropenia can be caused by very low copper...I have neutropenia when I take oat bran which binds copper and zinc - coincidence? NAC also does that and so does ALA. Put them together and it might only be a few months before someone ran into low mineral trouble.

Supplementing with zinc and copper isn't as easy as it appears, you have to get the doses right, but there's no easy way to measure how much you've got either.

Long story short antivirals are better because they are much stronger and if Lerner was correct, they'd get rid of the infection in other cells, over many months.

Anyway it's 11am now and the valtrex has given me some of the same symptoms that the famvir did, I still feel tired, a bit dizzy, probably a little clumsy. But sore throat reduced by 50%, mucous and phlegm production is up, which has to be the drug getting rid of lytic replication and my ulcer which was coming on has been reduced by 75%. Also my mouth is less dry than it was the last 48 hours on oat bran.

Just hope I can sleep on the valtrex now, which might be possible as the serum half life is shorter than famvir.


Ah welcome back to the dark side of Valtrex (just joking)
I would take Famvir if it wouldnt be that expensive (21 x 500mg = 300 Euro)
The longer half life means more anti viral activity (but also longer symtomps).

Im gonna try Valtrex, beta glucan and LAuricidin together hypothesizing this as the "wombo combo".

I never took any vaccine for exactly that reason.
Cant tolerat ALA and NAC too much, my stomach says no :D
Omg really?! You and I are twins mate. I had the blue valtrex too and I felt horrendous on that stuff....just horrible.

As you know I couldn't find famvir brand anywhere that was normal priced.

GSK works out at £550 a month...which is obscene for 500mg four times a day. I can only afford half that but if I improve a lot I might try to spend more on double dosing.

I just hope my kidneys are ok with this and my sleep doesn't get messed up.

Can't believe you do ok on GSK too....

Getting co-infections tested, hhv-6 isn't an issue for me, but cmv is...will see how I Get on. Throat is so much better after 4 hours, I feel VERY clear headed too its nuts.
Ever tested your CMW igg?

Yeah seems like we are twins haha.

4 times is better than 2 times 500mg. But Yeah let's see how it goes. Will be a little slower.
I hate it how expensive anti virals are.

Yeah and kidneys i drink a lot of water and hope the best :D
Getting cmv re-tested soon. I've only had Elisa for cmv which was very high. Need to get igg tested. Hopefully won't need to deal with that too. If I'm lucky.

As for the ic50. It would be £550 for 4 times a day. I'd definitely be able to do 4 times in a year or two. But cannot do that right now :/

Slow doesn't bother me as long as my kidneys are ok.

Did you ever get your kidneys tested? Do you take anything for kidney support? Dandelion for example.
The good thing Valtrex is effective against CMW.
Yeah checking my creatinin frequently. But i read Cystatin C is better, gonna check this soon.
I dont take anything for the kidney.
Your blood test will high likley not Cover Cystatin C but in Germany test costs only 12 Euro.
My creatinin is between 0,8 and 1,2, yours?
The Problem is it gets only higher if your kidney is damaged over 50%.
Hmm my values are a bit all over the place:

View attachment 47386

not sure what they are at the moment I'd have to check my NHS tests.

I guess yours is between 80 and 120? 120 being too high? Maybe I am converting the wrong units though, not sure what yours was taken in.

German tests are amazing, SO cheap. My ASOT test is £220, my mycoplasma test is £180. CMV is £220.
My Labs says 1.2 is in range. Yeah i think 91 = 0.91. So everything looks fine for now.
But Cystatin C is more sensitive.

Damn thats sounds really expensive.
Yeah the tests are insanely expensive. Thanks for having a look, my test results are very up and down, but they were definitely a lot higher on josh's protocol, which I had no idea about. Suspect his protocol has pitfalls, hope I didn't damage my kidneys in the process!

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