Thiamine HCL (high dose)

I've discussed this before but wanted to recap - I cross posted this on a blog entry of Cort Johnsons.

I found thiamine hcl incredibly helpful, going into remission for about 3 days at a dose of 1200mg a day (I titrated up over 7 days). Prior to this it felt like thiamine wasn't quite working, I felt slightly dizzy until I reached the 1200mg dose and then the dizzy lifted and that was when remission started. While it only lasted 3 days I titrated down to 300mg over a week and stayed at that dose.

I noticed this had a huge effect on clearing my mental fog and increasing blood flow to the brain (swelling at the back of my head and neck resolved). It's quite easy to identify if this is happening, you will feel a warm damp cloth feeling on the skin at the back of the head and this may radiate down into the neck. If this happens you know that blood flow has increased in that area.

I haven't taken any for quite some time as I found a new protocol that's resolved most of my ME symptoms. I only relapse when I get a covid vaccine. But as that protocol hasn't been a cure, just a huge boost to my overall severity and state, I think adding thiamine 300mg a day back in is a good idea. Especailly as it might be great for covid19 infection (the verdict seems to be out however I can find 3 studies on thiamine and covid19) - this one states that there was a huge impact when thiamine was given by IV to patients in hospital.
Another shows that thiamine hcl at doses of 300mg is sufficient to create a good level of thiamine in the blood serum for 10 hours after oral administration. So bioavailability does not appear to be an issue. Higher doses of 1200mg showed a much much higher saturation of blood serum at 4 hours declining over a further 10 hours.


Corts article here:

Also there appears to be a relationship between choline and thiamine, which might or might not explain why it stops working for some people and as @Mary noted with b vitamins, phosphorus is sometimes needed for it to continue to work. Anyway I take choline 3x a day on the joshua leisk protocol. But Josh was so against thiamine I stopped it in June 2021. I also didn't want to cloud the data I was collecting by taking other things. So I'm going to add 300mg back in now and see what benefits I get.

I still worry greatly about covid19 exposure and am taking everything I can to ward that off which includes:

4 to 8000 IU vitamin D per day
10mg zinc per day (30mg a day if sick)
300mg thiamine
methyl chalcone hesperidin (hesperidin blocks ACE2 receptor attachment by the virus by about 60%, which is amazingly high)
melatonin 3mg a day (unsure if this dose is sufficient or not, could do with printing and reading all the studies to figure it out)

-- These have all shown to be efficacious in reducing covid19 severity, please see this table:


Hesperidin study links:
Mukherjee et al., Role of medicinal plants in inhibiting SARS-CoV-2 and in the management of post-COVID-19 complications, Phytomedicine, doi:10.1016/j.phymed.2022.153930


There are studies showing that thiamine can help with congestive heart failure -Effects of Thiamine on Cardiac Function in Patients With Systolic Heart Failure: Systematic Review and Metaanalysis of Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trials - PMC (

I don't have CHF but thiamine almost immediately bumped up my energy, I think within one day of taking it. It was amazing and then a day or 2 later severe fatigue hit due to refeeding syndrome. The thiamine greatly increased my need for phosphorous, so it in effect caused a functional phosphorous deficiency, which was remedied when I added in phosphorous, first through several glasses of kefir (high in phosphorous) and then I found a phosphate supplement, which I still am required to take.

FYI, methylfolate did the same thing to me only it caused my potassium levels to tank after first increasing my energy. First a really nice energy boost and then severe fatigue, which potassium took care. And I still have to take extra potassium daily- it's been over ten years, but I don't care, it works!
Where do you get a transdermal version? I can't take thiamin often because it's a sulfur/thiol. Those give me migraines if I take them too often but maybe if it was transdermal. ??? :woot:

There are multiple vitamin patch companies. One does specfically only B1 patches but i do a liquid i rub on my skin. :)
There are multiple vitamin patch companies. One does specfically only B1 patches but i do a liquid i rub on my skin. :)
Can you share your dosage, where you put it, and how long you leave it on? What effects did you notice that let you know you were absorbing it?

Thank you!

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