Still on most of Joshua Leisk protocol

Increased my FOS and Pysllium husk to 1 teaspoon 3x a day.

Tried some goats cheese again last night, tasted amazing on bread (YUM!!) but woke up feeling terrible thismorning, like drugged and snotty/congested and grim. Dizziness hasn't stopped yet but I tried the NMN today from alive by science and noticed no benefit at all really, I think I feel slightly worse? I just know I feel nauseous and really hungry.

But also much dizzier since I took it, brain fog seemingly has come back.

Also I put the central heating on last night and deteriorated over a few hours, fairly convinced the heating being on was what really did me in. It knocks the energy right out of me - bloody horrible. Dry air is a killer, I am sure I read somewhere that it reduces the oxygen levels in the air or something like that.

New blood test end of the month, b3 experiment is going very well. Pleasantly relaxed taking b3 3x a day, no side effects.
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