Still on Joshua Leisk protocol

Haven't been doing too well recently. Tried Inosine for 2 weeks at various doses, pretty much ruined my sleep and even at lower doses still did the same. Was facing and dealing with heightened ebv like symptoms in the throat etc and sore throat a lot more often with Inosine, although fatigue seemed better but I think this was more due to overrevving some part of the metabolism.

So stopped the Inosine. I took 1 equilibrant tablet and actually felt pretty good within an hour or two, but woke up in the night with pain in my bones/joints. I worry that this is always a manifestation of auto immune disease and it always puts me off, as I just don't want to bring that on myself.

Today I removed reishi, because my oestradol levels have been low since January and my t levels have been at a 12 since I started the protocol. I have no historical numbers for what my t levels are meant to be - which is frustrating. But another ME patient told me that oestradol is the sex drive hormone for men, in that it controls sex drive much more than t does. This makes more sense to me as my sex drive only plummeted after I got bloods showing low oestradol. As for raising the oestradol I think if I can get my t to get back to normal it might help, but there is a possibility I guess that it's the beta glucans again, as they secret higher prolactin levels and maybe over time that is causing issues - hard to say.

So famvir arrived today and I took 250mg at 1pm. I had brain fog, muscle aches, light fatigue, but no diherrea, no dry mouth straight away and no dizziness or over stimulated effect. So far this does seem way more tolerable than valtrex. As I haven't got blood pathology to confirm poor cd 3/4 + 8 or anything for cmv/ebv etc I'm pretty much winging it. Although I might try to get the cd 3/4 and 8 next month just to see if they are low at all, I have a feeling they could be normal and it might not be an issue for me.


Most of the side effects of famvir were gone by 4pm. Which is great. I seem to be tolerating it far better it seems than I ever did valtrex. Hopefully this bodes well and I'll be able to titrate up the dosage over time. Brainfog isn't great but I'm not convinced it's brain fog. I think I over react to all sorts of stuff Inc foods and that induces a sort of drugged state where I struggle to focus. Maybe true brainfog is very different and is actually more akin to encephalitis of the brain... Or oxygen hypoxia who knows.

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