Still on half of joshua leisk protocol

Still taking most of the protocol apart from egcg and lions mane.

I added
magnesium malate 1 capsule 3x a day
mag biglycinate 3x a day
1.5g vitamin x 3x a day
120mg mag ascorbate magnesium 3x a day

zinc 10mg AM
selenium 100mg AM

Still taking 2g NAC 3x a day for it's anti enteroviral properties.

Increased my probiotic intake to 2 capsules in the AM from 1 (solaray 24 strain).

I also added curcumin 3x a day.

I tried a brand new vial of b12 from b12oils and it made no difference to my sleepiness. b12 ado and methly transdermal oil still makes me very tired and sleepy. So I don't take it anymore.

I've also been taking liposamal glutathione before bed, but it's now making me feel quite alert, so I've started taking it at 5pm. It was putting me into a crash to begin with, that appears to have stopped now.

Exercise I can tolerate 3 30 minute walks a week. I've got a cold at the moment so I'm not doing many walks, but I reckon when I've got rid of my cold I'll be able to do 1 1 hour walk a week and the rest 30 minute walks.

Usually every year when I put the heating on I get a sore throat and feel terrible. This year my nose hasn't been great, but no sore throat and no fatigue.

I get the flu jab on friday so I'll feel much worse at that point. Hoping however it does not last too long!

I'm currently getting microbiome testing, to see what my gut looks like, so I can tweak my probiotics, because they seem to be having a huge effect on my health.


Hey Nuno,

Not yet. I don't think I'll be taking it unless I think I really need that particular strain in my gut. I do understand why it's beneficial though so it might be worth a shot. Its going to take me ages to experiment with all these I think.

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