Only on part Joshua Leisk protocol

I have stopped taking reishi and oat bran and replaced it with famvir.

Today is my third day on famvir and I am tolerating it much better. Am still experiencing herx like symptoms or rather ME symptom exacerbation. Experienced cold like symptoms today, raised body temp, blocked stuffy nose. Whilst this could be pollen it seems a bit aggressive. But maybe it is?

Anyway this bodes well I think - so far famvir has made me feel better not worse in terms of my ME symptoms and I have just as much energy taking famvir as I did taking beta glucans (more actually because beta glucans take weeks to get me back to a good state).


Are there any special considerations on Famvir? I mean any labs you have to keep an eye like with valcyte or some of the other antivirals?
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Hey Judee,

Not really. It's definitely the safest drug with the least side effects.

However I will be getting my bloods done end of the month.

I did sleep last night so I don't think the worsened symptoms are caused by lack of sleep which is good news.


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