Off most of Joshua Leisk Protocol

Just a quick update. Neutrophil count still falling, now down to 1.4.

Prolactin still very high.

But doctor referring me to specialists if they keep going down, so that's good news!


Hey. I've taken omega 3 for 6 years. Wouldn't be without it.

Not taking any zinc but I'm worried about depleting copper. Should I be worried? I've got zinc here I can start taking it but I'm worried about the copper depletion.
I forget to say on the other post that NAC chelates the zinc out of the body (forgot the source tho). At doses of 6-8g there is no zinc left especially if your taking it for a Long time and didnt supplement any zinc , i wonder if that isnt the exact cause of your low Lymphocytes as zinc is elementar for building.
I read that you have to start worrying about copper depletion at doses starting from 50mg. So below that you should be fine.
Hey thanks for the reply. My HTMA shows high zinc, double what it was 3 years ago. But that's an issue if NAC is doing that.

Even so if the copper thing isn't a huge issue, I can start taking small amounts, hopefully won't do me any harm.
I also read that zinc should increase lymphocytes and decrease neutrophils - but that was just one study. Minerals should be straightforward but it's so hard to figure out what is actually low.

I really need a dutch test too for the neurotransmitter checks (dopamine low if prolactin very high)

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