Night 6

Slept fairly well last night with melatonin and 5-htp. If it wasn't for this cursed ulcer brought on by the constant immune response I would probably have slept loads better. I do think b vitamins specifically b12 and maybe b3 seem to keep me awake even in small doses every day. Which is why I'm very wary to take a complex. But I do think the b1 and p5p is helping a lot.

So last night my sore throat came back. And the pain in my arm where I had my jab came back. Really weird how these come back at the same time. I definitely feel like I'm getting the mono symptoms now. Every time this has happened over the last 6 months with various treatments I've generally stopped them. I think the only treatments that haven't brought on these symptoms were valtrex and lauricidin.

So while it's meant to be a good thing I do get a little worried that it will just set my overall health back if it doesn't work and I'll have to redo the gains I had made before. Even so if to does actually work and clears out what is seemingly a fairly strong (this is a guess) latent ebv infection that would be great.

Since June 2020 when I had full blown ebv and ended up in hospital several times with steroid drips and what not I haven't been able to clear the inflammation from my body as successfully as I had previously. Either the disease degenerates and you have zero control over that or I simply didn't wait long enough for my body to clear the ebv. But to be honest this makes no sense to me because ebv b cells are what we want to kill. The t cell infection is gone if you have no symptoms. So the t cell infection slowly coming back - as far as I'm concerned is a sign the immune system is out of whack/over stimulated possibly and therefore not working correctly.

We will see.


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