Night 27

Didn't sleep that great but was very hot again and the vaccine immune response isn't really helping to keep me cool at night. Also had lots of disturbed dreaming and getting pretty dehydrated every night.

Still got a bit of a headache thismorning from the vaccine but I think most of how I feel is dehydration. I do drink water in the night but combined with the immune response just end up dried up!

No muscle fatigue. It's odd though there's a sensation like my body wants to be in a fatigued state but it's not able to. I also can't remember anymore if this is what healthy felt like. So has it literally just 100% blocked the PEM or is there more to it?

One thing that is bothering me a bit is that I seem to have lost the ability to me kncoked out in the night and wake up at say 10am. But I also wonder if this is an age and hormone thing.

Well I'm going to try and do some ceramics today. Still feel a bit dizzy but it seems to disappear after I get up. Not really surprising. First week of the vaccine is when the t cells every slowly activate and they stay that way until the end of week 2.


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