Night 25

Not sure if I posted yesterday. Was a very busy day so I may not have.

Doses for yest:
Egcg 200mg, 200mg, 125mg 0mg
Reishi: 980mg 3x
Lion's mane 0mg
Oat bran 1 TSP 3x a day

Got the covid vaccine at 5pm. Felt pretty dizzy for an hour and then became very high and still haven't entirely come down. Got about 7 or 8 hours sleep. But not remotely tired. I am baffled as to why my immune system does this and makes me hyper at the start. I know it's the immune system gearing up but it keeps me awake which doesn't benefit my immune response and it makes me so restless I can't sit still which means energy expenditure goes above what it should impairing my immune response. My immune system is literally out to get me!

From an evolutionary standpoint covid doesn't kill you it's your immune system that does that. It over reacts and the tissue damage and organ damage from the cytokine responses are what kill you. Makes you wonder if the immune system will be the first things humans recognise as not biologically optimal and they also manage to augment it - possibly fully augment it so that in a few hundred years deaths from disease will be eradicated simply by modulation of immune response. Harnessed when needed and shutdown when not.

To think what the world will one day be like.

So last night I slept badly as the muscle pains came on about 2am and got gradually worse. Paracetamol has made a dent thankfully. But I've been awake since 5 and would much prefer to sleep! Other than that I feel ok. Just wired and hungry.

Frustrating really when I would like to stay in bed and just recover. But my immune system is in full flight.
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