Night 22

325mg, 325mg, 125mg, 0mg
Lions mane - none
Reishi extract - 1 capsule about 4pm and 1 at 8pm
oat bran - haven't taken any for a few days

Slept very well last night, I think not taking egcg at dose 4 anymore probably makes sleep much better. It took me an hour to get to sleep but I think that's because of the reishi extract.

So I woke up without any muscle fatigue or brain fog. Just felt physically very tired but mentally sharp enough. Quite amazed really!

I did start to crash at 7pm so I took some R-ALA at 8pm last night not expecting much and it cancelled out the crash. I can only assume my ROS levels were going up, I had muscle fatigue, tension and my muscles felt stiff and leady. But the R-ALA stopped that and I was fine an hour later. I did also take gylcine 5g and magnesium ascorbate 3g - although I always take these and haven't noticed them do much compared to the R-ALA as well.

I also don't feel high anymore in the evenings, I guess I feel a bit high after an EGCG dose but not so high that I can't control it like ginseng or bcaas's.

Considering how the body (the ME) seems to adapt to everything, makes you wonder how long this might last.

So today I'll carry on with my new 325mg dose, seems like a good idea based on yesterday.


Dizziness and balancing issues (the former more than the latter are still present). This isn't OI or anything, I am fairly sure at least, I am not sure what causes it. It's been my worst symptom since I became sick and have never figured out what it is or what causes it. Used to think it was caused by fatigue, not sure anymore. Ginseng used to get rid of it which is a vasodilator as it lets more blood flow out to the extremities. Which makes me wonder if I need something else to keep this symptom at bay, like nimodipine, but not sure. It's mild dizziness but it shouldn't really be there, more so as I am not taking much reishi etc.
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