Night 16

Running a little late today so I will be brief.

Slept ok, although ended up tossing and turning a tad. I was a bit tachycardic in the night and before bed, that was probably the issue. Didn't wake up with muscle fatigue which was pretty good! But woke up pretty tired on the whole.

All in all I would say I am doing well, but going to see if I can get through the week in a decent way (baseline maintenance without massive deviation into PEM/crash). Also will try some more graded exercise today if I can manage it.

Current symptoms are slight dizziness upon waking and tiredness in the muscles, but fatigue is very mild if anything. An hour later the muscle fatigue was more noticeable and the dizziness, although I find these two things are directly related e.g. zero cellular energy loss/fatigue and there's usually zero dizziness. But as my life has more going on it now I rarely end up in a situation where my cells are completely at rest, as this sort of very aggressive pacing is really tricky.

Also some other changes I've noticed: acne like it was before I got ME, sweat glands smell a lot stronger than they have for years, possibly other hormonal changes I'm not aware of that are to pre-ME levels.

I am still trying to remain balanced with my posts as it's too early to say if this will help long term yet. But excercise yesterday consisted of:

  • 90 second resistant bike
  • hoovered 3 bedrooms and a landing (did feel a bit worn out after that)
  • cleaned the shower door in our bathroom


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