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Nicotinamide Riboside and some thoughts about Antiherpetic drugs

I'm on my third day of testing an anti-aging supplement Nicotinamide Riboside (aka Niagen). It is one of the molecules that our bodies stop making in adulthood so that we can die off and make room for younger people. Yes, your body wants to kill you. This chemical is responsible for NAD+ which is involved in cellular metabolism so if you have less of it around your body loses some function. It was too expensive as a bottled supplement (and too high dose per capsule) and I was able to find it in bags from a Chinese source on Alibaba Express at about 1/10th the price so I purchased 100g to test (estimated 1 year supply but good for 2 years on the shelf life) for about $35. I'm using about 40 mg/day at two divided doses of 20 mg. It definitely gave me an energy boost, about 1 level on the ME scale from a 4 to a 5.

People were asking around the forum about antivirals so I did some research. Medicine basically says that they are only good if have an acute illness to shorten it or if you are severely immunocompromised, so it doesn't apply to me since my leukocyte count is normal. I believe the drug's mechanism is that it basically puts the viruses in stasis where they can't reproduce but since they still contain very potent antiapoptosis chemicals they are resistant to apoptosis and re-animate as soon as the drug is stopped. I've tried valtrex and valcyte myself with no ME improvement (though valtrex worked fine for shingles) so I'm not surprised.

“The efficacy of aciclovir is increased with early (preferably during the prodromal period) initiation of treatment but, despite significant clinical benefit, viral latency is not eradicated, and pretreatment frequencies of recurrence usually continue after episodic acute treatment is completed.”

(Wagstaff AJ, Faulds D, Goa KL. Aciclovir. A reappraisal of its antiviral activity, pharmacokinetic properties and therapeutic efficacy. Drugs. 1994;47(1):153-205. doi:10.2165/00003495-199447010-00009)

My current apoptosis promoting regimen that I'm testing has a work around for the apoptosis blockers which was a very tough problem for me to solve as there aren't many things that will unblock a blocked caspase 3 pathway. HSV6 is really good at evading the immune system.
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There's a post about an NAD poll. Lots of ppl shared there.
Thank you Hopeful. Here's the poll and discussion.


I see there are some people seeing no difference. A confounding factor is that I take several other longevity replacement supplements (L-carnosine, ubiquinol, S-adenyl-L glutathione) already in addition to the apoptosis promoters (curcumin, etc) so there could be an enterage affect going on where the other pathways have to work for the benefit to be realized. If the mitochondria are being actively poisoned and inflammed by chronic viruses which are blocking the Nf-kb apoptosis pathway which we know these viruses (herpes, EBV, varicella zoster) then the motochondria probably aren't in good enough shape to respond and then people assume they need larger doses. The 20 mg doses I take are very small compared to what is being advocated in some treatment regimens (1500 mg infusion).

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I'm on my fourth day with the supplement. I literally feel about 10 years younger and have gained 20% of energy. Very impressive.

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