Cycle 16: Added Heat Shock Protein inducer regimen

Continued previous entry "Yesterday on 11/12/2020 at 7 PM on day 2 cycle 15 off I added additional heat shock protein (HSP) inducers because they are supposed to have a 48 hour effect to raise heat schock proteins which help apoptosis. They include: alcohol (2 glasses white wine), nicotine (vape) and heat (hot bath soak at 107F in a room heated to 80F). I could handle about 15 minutes of the bath and it raised my body temp by one degree. I had to do it this way because I have no access to a sauna at my current apartment and it would have been closed down due to covid. HSP enhancers (alcohol, nicotine) lower the amount of heat necessary to trigger productio of the heat shock proteins so hopefully this regimen will work. It did appear to enhance apoptosis and I did notice reduction in the appetite sensed doses for the supplements. Also apoptosis was more vigorous with paresthesia of the metatarsals on the left side."

See previous post for photos. Continuing to improve with reduction in d-ribose appetite that probably indicates enhanced energy production with clearance of immortalized (chronic virally infected) cells.


My activity level just boosted to six for sedentary work. I can manage about three hours of nonsedentary work. :woot:

I still am managing moderate-high pain in the metacarpals from the apoptosis.
I worked about two days ago on the the first off day-2 sets of 12 repetitions for push ups, pull ups and squats and need more healing time as my legs are still moderately sore so I'm going to delay the on supplements until they recover as they will stop muscle regeneration. I'll use licorice in the meantime to keep the coxsackievirus occupied.

My mood is so much better. Still managing fatigue.
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I ended up not extending the off time for exercise recovery and barely squeaked it out in two days with a lot of extra rest and protein. Last night I noticed that sleep quality is definitely worsened on the "on" supplements and while night apoptosis is occurring past anxiety and some throat swelling returned but was of a significantly lower intensity. Here is an AM progress photo at cycle 17 on, day 2.

Mentally I'm also noticing that I am snapping out of a depersonalized state more frequently. Previously I would rarely snap in the evenings. Now I'm getting it even in the mornings and much more regularly. It is quite disorienting when it happens since I am so used to being depersonalized. I saw new research that proves that depression and anxiety come from problems in the cingulate gyrus of the brain (frontal lobe) so I am not surprised that as this area improves it helps anxiety, depression and depersonalization.

Considering DRACO/VTose I have concerns that aside from them targeting the wrong caspase, given the amount of infected cells it may produce an over reaction due to activating too many cells at one time. I can't imagine having to apoptose my entire body at once- the pain and swelling would be devastating. My supplement approach takes several months and is progressive because it is limited by the number of T-cells available and they have to contact the cells layer by layer. VTose doesn't require T-cells so it may cause serious cytokine storm problems by apoptosing too many cells at once for the body to handle.


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I just remembered that I noticed my left armpit lymph nodes were mildly tender and enlarged while having cold symptoms however they resolved normally. In the beginning of my ME I had chronically enlarged and tender lymph nodes. They improved after doxycycline and GcMAF. It is good to know that my immune response is functioning normally.

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