Full Regimen (OMLS) Round Three

After six days of slow apoptosis I restarted the full fast apoptosis regimen with the cell growth inhibitors on 8/27/2020 10 am. Energy is varying from needing to nap to about 50% reduced from yesterday (slow apoptosis). Shoulders warming up. Dragging at the hands, arms, feet, lower legs. Glad to be back on the program. Feel much stronger than previously. Heels are sore, toes still apoptosing. At about 90% lung capacity before hitting soreness. Bottom edges of lungs feel improved (less sore) by 80%. Still a crazy train ride but about half the intensity of initial. Supplement appetites pretty low, about 50% of start. Here we go.


Interesting. During the 2nd course I was getting headaches that were pretty severe. They resolved during rest. Now that I'm back on it the headaches are back but 50% reduced in pain (intensity). Fronto-temporal cranial bones have tender periostitis on palpation. I think that's where it's coming from.
70% energy drain. Subdermal itching along base of thumb. headache 90% improved.
I noticed yesterday afternoon that I had worsened light sensitivity during the time of heightened apoptosis pain. Perhaps it comes from partial virally-induced apoptosis.
Neck feels 80% better. For the past week have been noticing plaquenil toxicity symptoms (nausea) so suspect supplements are slowing liver detox. Stopping plaquenil fixed. Lowered colchicine dose from .75mg to 0.6mg per day without problems I think cytokines are dropping.
One interesting thing I've noticed is that after 3 days of the third round my abdomen is much less tender and my stool looks more normal (see pic) where before it was coming out in small pieces. I attribute this to less gut inflammation.
Severe heel pain from apotosis today. Had to take vicodin for pain. I'm not surprised because I had that during round 2. This is deeper pain however so it looks like it's progressing through the infected tissue.
Had a little temporary hearing loss in one ear. Cranial nerve affected. Recovered.
Definitely have inflammation at the top of my crichoid cartilage and some difficulty swallowing. My history with ME included this symptom at the early stage so I'm not surprised to see it recur.
Today's foot photos. And this, my friends, is why it's called fast apoptosis.


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Made it to day 7 of the 3rd cycle and pausing fast apoptosis. Here's where my feet are at. Good progress. Estimate 1-2 more cycles left.
Hand strength is improving and hand pain is decreasing. They are still apoptosing though with about 25% of inflammation left. Sleeping better off the fast apoptosis supplements, as before. McBurney's point abdominal tenderness is gone (right lower quadrant), however some tenderness still remains at the lower middle of the abdomen.
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As I progress through the cycles I am noticing that it takes decreasing amounts supplements to trigger apoptosis. This means that even though I stopped the fast apoptosis supplements my body still continues to do apoptosis for a few days. Chest and metatarsals continue to have decreasing amounts of point tenderness and inflammation. Probably two more cycles to do.
Apoptosis is lasting longer and is more vigorous even after stopping the fast apoptosis supplements. This is exactly what I expected with a decreasing viral load. I also lowered my colchicine from 0.75 mg to 0.6 mg per day without triggering pericarditis-indicating that cytokines are reduced. My systemic lupus erythematosis may clear yet doing this which is noted with drug induced lupus but never has been demonstrated otherwise.

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