Full Regimen (OMLS) Round 4

After five days I feel ready to start the fast apoptosis supplements so here we go. Still have a lot to do in the metatarsals, fingers and toes. Feel about 90% better in lungs.
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Wow, my cognitive processing ability is way up (50%). I increased my ability to read and process text quickly. I still have a lot of pain (6/10) but it is great to be improving.
Head pain flared is about 50% pain intensity vs previous. Right ankle and knee pain. Left side joints feel good. Social anxiety dropping about 50%.

Having neurological problems dropping held objects, bumping into things and over reaching.
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Yesterday on Sept 8, 2020 I had shingles and flu vaccines and the following day I felt like I had a bad cold. Could also be some overlay from the fast apoptosis supplements. So I'm just resting today.
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I'm about halfway through the fourth phase. My ME activity grade is now up from 4 to 5 doing sedentary work! The left foot, ankle and knee pains are resolved. My abdomen feels like it has about 20% left to go to eliminate all tenderness. Lungs feel at about 95% pain free inhalation. Had new lower back pain about two days ago which has improved today. Lupus seems improved with less need for medication (pericarditis, no skin/joint pain flaring). Toes continuing to improve with decreased periostititis inflammation.
Mentally I'm getting closer to feeling like my pre-ME self. Today 9/13 I had a feeling of depersonalization lessening. Depression and anxiety minimal.
ok that's 7 days. time to cycle off and rest. Good gains in mood and lowered depersonalization, social anxiety. Much higher energy at end of cycle. Still dealing with metatarsal inflammation. Takes a long time to clear. Had some short lived deep head pain.
Abdomen still feels 30% tender. At this rate It will take three more cycles to clear.
I found another supplement that may help and am going to be testing it shortly. It may help remove a block to the caspase-9 pathway. I'm not sure as I am already getting it from food but am going to ramp it up. I'm hoping that it will help speed up the reaction so I can have pain for shorter periods.
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The new supplement definitely seems to have sped up apoptosis even in the slow phase. I had a positive appetite cue and it shortened the reactive oxygen inflammatory period so I think it is working. We'll see how fast the progress goes from here on in.
Pain levels increased severely about 48 hours after starting new supplement so I had to take vicodin. Seems to have broken through the last apoptosis barrier and I'm not even on the fast supplements. Toes are making much faster progress.

Mentally I feel like I am getting closer to my pre-ME self. Depersonalization is decreasing at earlier times.


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