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Cycle 30. 6 months into treatment

Hi guys. Here's the latest foot periostitis photo. Progress is still moving along. Good energy boost today. Left metatarsal head finally impoving. Plantar metatarsals, chest and skull bones still reactive. Estimate another three months to finish. 2 days on/off cell growth blocking supplements.
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Wow, new energy high today at 75%. Didn't expect this. Highest in 12 years.

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So when I'm on the cell growth inhibitors it drains energy like crazy then lets off about a day after I stop. Energy drop was from 75% off down to 40%. My energy cycles with increasing highs. Transient foot cramps yesterday in the inflammed areas as they apoptosed. Using hydrotherapy for pain at night. Pain worse in the afternoon-eve with worse cortisol. Back on gabapentin to manage during high pain.
Yesterday on 1/28/2021 I was feeling ancy, had a decent amount of energy (45%) and decided to do a few 12 rep strength training exercises sets of assisted pull ups and bicep curls. Now this is cycle 30, day 2 on cell growth inhibitors. Although it had been about 16 hrs since last dose. The first cool thing was that my exercise capacity has increased. Previously I could only manage 2 sets, once per week but I am now able to do 3 sets with the 3rd set at 5 reps. I had an initial usual soreness post weight lifting response and had a high protein, high carb meal following. About 4 hours later I dosed with the cell growth inihibitor mix and the soreness vanished. However the next day I woke up the soreness was back in force. Today is an off day so I am just letting my body recover from the exercise but it was very interesting that these supplements basically put the entire exercise recovery response on hold to concentrate solely on apoptosis. Great signs here anyway. It was a good day and I'm feeling about 75% normal at 7 months which is the highest energy I've been at since contracting ME.

This rocks.

I've noticed that the redness on finger flexion is a good indicator of the amount of remaining inflammation. Previously I had about 50% of the area inflammed but now it has recovered to 25% inflammation redness remaining. Note the improvement.


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I'm now taking showers regularly. Prior to this I always took baths. Energy feels about 7/10 though I am getting over a cold.
I ran the CGI supplements a little long, 3 days instead of 2 to see if I can speed up progress in apoptosis and because it appears to be effective in shortening the duration and severity of the common cold virus! Wow that would be huge. I definitely feel better on CGI than off with the cold symptoms. This is day 3 on it. Downside is bigger energy drain.


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Yesterday I had a 1 cm benign lesion (suspected fibroma from accidental tongue biting due to a miscoordination spell about eight months ago) removed from my right later tongue so I have to pause Craysing cell growth inhibitors for a while to heal the area. I'll be playing by ear for up to 2 weeks. Bear with me. Here's the current status photo.


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Yesterday I had a 1 cm benign lesion (suspected fibroma from accidental tongue biting due to a miscoordination spell about eight months ago) removed from my right later tongue so I have to pause Craysing cell growth inhibitors for a while to heal the area. I'll be playing by ear for up to 2 weeks. Bear with me. Here's the current status photo.

The ED physician said after stitching up my tongue that redness on finger flexion was part of Raynaud’s disease which came from systemic lupus erythematosis. He said if immunotherapy does elmiminate the virally infected cells then it could potentially cure the Raynaud’s and SLE.
I've been off the cell growth and viral inhibitor for a week to heal tongue surgery. Apoptosis doesn't seem changed and is still ongoing as I can tell from the burning sensation in the affected areas, which makes sense because a person only needs one working pathway out of many to work however the main side effect of not taking the CGI is that depression from HHV6 increased 30%. So the CGI is probably blocking the replication of HHV6 which reduces production of the SITH1 protein that causes depression. Also, appetite for licorice increases which is used to block the virus but depletes potassium. So given these effects I think taking the supplement is still worthwhile. Here's the latest progress photo.


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Ok I'm three days back on the VCGIs. Previously I was getting heel inflammation occurring late into the night following dosing 2x/day with loratidine which is like benadryl but has a longer duration. It seems to accelerate the process with better night coverage to reduce histamines. It's common to have apoptosis start around the insertions of muscles into bones and I suspect that this was the achilles tendon insertion into the calcaneous bilaterally. I'm walking very carefully, feeling tightening around the calcaneous and now the insertion is quite reactive. I have to walk with a cane for extra support, it's that bad. Whew. Throat around the hyoid is also quite reactive. However back on the VCGIs my mood (depression, anxiety) is much better. I'm shortening the VCGI dosing period from 48 to 36 hours.
One thing that is very interesting is that the innate TCL3 activation by the VCGIs is much better at apotosis than just doing the TCL4 antibody activation alone. Previously these knuckles were much more inflammed but on the VCGIs they ramp up their inflammation clearing. Hopefully the TCL3 effect will make the antibodies unnecessary so we can skip the GcMAF and avoid the autoimmunity problems.


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Here are some incredible shots of active foot apoptosis.


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My feet have healed up about 80%. I changed the CGI supplement dosing to 1 day on 1 day off because my CGI appetites are lowering and my recovery ability is increasing. For the past two days I was up to a 90% normal energy level in the evening which I think is from when apoptosis completes for the day and more energy is available. This is a new high.

Metatarsal plantar swelling has reduced by about 75%, finally. 25% to go.

Another change was to not use any d-ribose during apoptosis as it turns out to be an apoptosis blocker. It has a short half life of about half an hour so I'm just avoiding it during those periods when I'm actively apoptosing.
Rest day energy is up to 70%. Here are foot and finger progress photos. Getting close to moving up another activity level on the rest days. Energy drain is highest in actively apoptosing inflammed tissues during CGI dose days. Seems more localized. Feet are really improving. Excellent inflammation band decrease in fingers. Inflammed areas are cold and numb then normalize which means this is probably a Raynaud's disease cure (linked to EBV infection). Looks like a full ME cure is in sight within 2 months. Go body!


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Numb toe areas today post-apoptosis. You can see the inflammation really going in the big toes. Metatarsal swelling down about 60%. Around 7 months into treatment now. Estimate another 2 months to go.


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@Mary reported HRV energy estimates could be useful to measure ME so I started using it and have been monitoring for a week. Energy reading using Welltory from the seated position had good corrlation with my spoons estimation. Fed, best value before apoptosis is at 61% so at this point I should be 51% recovered from ME. I think we can use this to guage how long to do . Judging from periostitis I estimated I had around 2 months remaining but I'll keep going until either energy plateus or I hit 100%. Exciting stuff.
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3/19/2021. Foot progress photo. HRV energy seated 61% high (no apoptosis), 25% low (apoptosis).


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Ok so shortening the treatment to 1 day on 1 day off was at a energy cost of 10%. That's a good trade to double the speed. I want this treatment over as soon as possible to eliminate the supplement, DNA repair and wound healing costs.
Increasing to daily cell growth inhibitor dosing has really drained my energy so I've added some d-ribose (1.5 tsp powder) in the late evening and about 15 minutes of earthing prior to sleep. This has improved my rest about 15%.

I did some research on a high MCV on CBC. I learned that it is caused by EBV infection and after discussing it with the doctor we agreed to change supplements to activated folate and activated B12. Initially I feel some body and mood changes and had a good appetite for them which are positive signs.
9 months into treatment. Today I had a rheumatology visit for management of my systemic lupus erythematosis (I also have myalgic encephalitis). Doctor confirmed reduction of toe periostitis, knuckle redness and a near normal body temperature. She reviewed my vital sign records and noted that when I first developed lupus in 2012 my body temperature was consistently 1.5 deg F below normal (97.1F). However, it now it is within the normal range at 98.2F and there has been a trend over the visits showing improvement. Areas affected by Raynaud's disease in the hands are about 75% improved (less color change, warmer). Large areas of cold skin have warmed up and normalized. She says my condition as a lupus patient is excellent.

I am adjusting the remaining duration of treatment to four months so the new target is August 21, 2021 which will be 13 months of total treatment on the new regimen.

Things are looking very good for this treatment.
4/27/2021. Apoptosis still going on. Feet look almost healed. Now hitting deep muscles of thighs and trunk. Big energy drain and painful but managing well. Here are some pics of improved erythema in hands. This relates to Raynaud's disease which has also improved. I only have Raynaud's in areas that haven't apoptosed so this may be a cure for this disease too. Lupus symptoms have increased (malar rash treated with topical prednisone) but then lessened which is expected given decreased viral load causing more available antibodies. The body should adjust and normalize in a few months at the end.


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Hi, any updates on your treatment plan and progress? Would you consider making a document that summarises your treatment regimen?

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