Cycle 9: 2 days on/2 days off coxsackievirus immunotherapy

Continuing 2 days on/2 off coxsackievirus immunotherapy. Rationale is balancing viral reproduction cycle time (3 days) vs minimum healing time (3 days). I am shorting the healing time by 1 day to minimize coxsackievirus spread rather than have to take licorice but will continue to closely monitor progress and adjust.


Today I'm starting the 2 days on/2 days off cycle. So far it seems to be an improvement as yesterday I was getting paresis numb feeling in my peripheral digits following intense pain and coldness at vicodin levels. Today I have much more pronounced tightness under the metatarsals. Ribs still are tender at the lower edges but in a smaller distribution. Licorice appetite has significantly dropped. This seems to be indicating that the coxsackievirus was reproducing (unlike the non-cytolytic coxsackievirus theory claimed) but that the two day cycles are blocking its production of infectious virion particles. Central lower abdomen still has some tenderness but distribution and intensity has decreased. This is definitely a battle but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Mental capacity keeps increasing but still resting a lot.
Toe adductor muscles and over plantar metatarsales have about 50% parethesia. Interferon alpha was normal but reading could be suppressed by methotrexate treatment. Toe inflammation visibly decreasing. (Timothy B. Niewold, Daniel N. Clark, Rafah Salloum, Brian D. Poole, "Interferon Alpha in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus", BioMed Research International, vol. 2010, Article ID 948364, 8 pages, 2010. ) Covid antibody testing was negative.
Starting C9 off tomorrow. Here are before and after progress photos in the evening. Good apoptosis improvement even on the cell growth inhibitors.


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Neurofeedback is essential to regulate supplement dosage and timing. Current antivirals, energy support supplements and drugs for ME and lupus are a lot but dropper bottles will be one product in the final version.


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Had some fast temporary partial loss of hearing in right ear. Pain in upper arms, deep upper leg muscles. Throat and legs much stronger. Appetite for licorice down from 2 pieces before to half a piece. Using aged white cheddar cheese (spermadine) to stimulate autophagy in some mornings.

Starting cycle 10 coxsackievirus inhibitor tomorrow.
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Started cycle 10. Lower central abdomen is a mix of tenderness and hypersensitivity and feels about 80% improved. Depression decreased about 50%. Anxiety down 80%. Metacarpals feel about 60% decreased tenderness at adductor muscles on palpation and are cold and painful as are the fingertips. Didn't get huge energy crash as I did at start of cycle. My body seems to be handling the 2 day healing time well and sleep is good.
First day off cell growth inhibitor had a super intense night apoptosis at bedtime with chest wall pain that I needed to inhibit with grounding before sleep for about 10 minutes. Could also be related to taking colchicine dose late in evening instead of AM. Today is day 2 off. Licorice appetite and gut tenderness even lower which should indicate less coxsackievirus in gut.
Started cycle 10 on. Apoptosis seems to be enhanced which I presume is due to better disruption of coxsackievirus reproduction. Abdominal tenderness feels about 95% resolved.
Early PM picture. Nice energy boost today of 40%. Swelling reduced significantly at the sides of the 5th metatarsal heads.
Great progress. AM appetite for coxsackievirus mixture not even present initially until other appetites were sated. Nearing the end for that one. The 2 on/2 off dosing schedule drains more energy but is the best one for clearance. Made a new batch with reduced peperine which doesn't have the constipation side effect (as predicted).
The downside of the 2/2 dosing is bigger energy drain, which I presume is due to better apotosis. Regardless, I never tried D-ribose so I decided to order 1 kg of it in bulk and see if it might improve energy. Prime will have it in 2 days.
I start out with about 40% energy reserves on the 2nd day of the Cycle 10 off which then dropped to about 10%. Licorrice appetite increased but still trending down. Early AM 2nd day C10 off photo attached.


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D-ribose observations. Quickly developed appetite sensing. Needed an initial day 1 loading of 3 tbs TID which dropped to 2.5 tbs TID on day 2. Day 2 boosted energy from 25% to about 55%. Seems to accelerate apoptosis rate (from average 2 days to 1 day to complete cycle) and intensity by about 50%. ATP must be required for apoptosis so the big energy drains reflect recovery time to regenerate ATP which is reduced by D-ribose. I'm noticing faster reduction of metatarsal swelling with vibrating on planter side (bottom) partial neuropathy indicating death of nerve cells which is to be expected and correlates with temporary neuropathy of cranial nerve 8. Good progress. Licoricce appetite down to 1/4 piece.
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11/2/2020 No appetite for T supplement (liquid) today. Problems with sea sickness while watching videos of first person horror video games. Lasted 6+ hours. Was accompanied by feeling of tenderness around ears so I think vestibulococlear nerves are undergoing apopotisis. Resting a lot.
Latest photo from today. Slow and steady wins the race. I think the dosing and supplements are basically finalized at this point. Nausea has improved.


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I awoke this morning with the sensation of a loud shock sensation like being slammed back into my body. Weird. Perhaps due to the overexitation of those vestibulocochlear nerves. This reminds me of when I was bit by the flea from a feral cat before I had ME. I had a crazy dream where small demons stabbed me at night all over the ribs, torturing me. I think this was my subconscious' interpretation of early periostititis and partial apoptosis pain.
Cycle 14 Day 1 off cell replication blockers. Now off anti-histamines, no grounding, vicodin only after 2 pm on off days (highest apoptosis). Pain decreasing. Inflammed metatarsal plantar areas decreasing in size. Good progress. Day 2 AM vs PM photos highlight the remaining periostititis areas undergoing apoptosis.


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Getting moderate nausea today during fast apoptosis on the 2nd off day. Perhaps the cell growth inhibitor apoptosis effect masks it on the other days.
Yesterday on 11/12/2020 at 7 PM on day 2 cycle 15 off I added additional heat shock protein (HSP) inducers because they are supposed to have a 48 hour effect to raise heat schock proteins which help apoptosis. They include: alcohol (2 glasses white wine), nicotine (vape) and heat (hot bath soak at 107F in a room heated to 80F). I could handle about 15 minutes of the bath and it raised my body temp by one degree. I had to do it this way because I have no access to a sauna at my current apartment and it would have been closed down due to covid. HSP enhancers (alcohol, nicotine) lower the amount of heat necessary to trigger productio of the heat shock proteins so hopefully this regimen will work. It did appear to enhance apoptosis and I did notice reduction in the appetite sensed doses for the supplements. Also apoptosis was more vigorous with paresthesia of the metatarsals on the left side.

I have excellent trained appetite sensing/measuring ability for most nutrients (but not man made chemicals) due to a new system I previously developed for that. My appetite for D-ribose has dropped from the initial level of 2 tbs twice daily to 1/4 tsp once daily today since I started taking it (with an initial loading dose of 3 tbs). I think this indicates that my body is getting better at generating ATP due to clearance of the virally infected cells. Reduction in baseline toe swelling typically follows a big energy crash where I sleep for 6 hrs and then wake up with the gains. Here are two photos from yesterday and today. Note: when comparing photos make sure you look at AM vs AM and PM vs PM as AM photos typically have reduced inflammation due to circadean higher cortisol production. Apoptosis is always enhanced at 2PM or later.


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