Day 8 - third dose

So glad I have a spreadsheet or god knows what these numbers would look like :rofl:

So I should say that for the last few days my mental clarity and mental energy is better. That's not really surprising as I would expect that from prolonged reishi use. I've used it before, so not surprising. I think a few years back I managed to go shopping at Christmas by taking loads of reishi 3x a day. Suffice to say traditional remedies no longer have quite that effect on me. I have a theory this is because viruses have further imbedded and further broken my body/immune system since June 2020 when I had acute ebv and a bacterial throat infection. But my head feels much more swollen and inflamed than it did before this event and I cannot clear it, hence why I am doing this protocol.

So today was not bad for mental clarity. I have had muscle fatigue today and general lethargy, head pressure might be less...or I am just imagining it. Asthma I had last night has gone which is good. Itchiness seems to have calmed down which is interesting.

One thing to say is that at £200 a month it's not cheap!! I just bought a load more stuff and I have to buy even more to get through the I really hope this works so I can go on to earn a decent wage without having to worry about my body failing me ha!

Can't think of any other symptoms to report today, pretty much all listed above.

Edit: forgot to add that the vaccination site pain came back yesterday then went again and now it's back. Funnily enough this might be caused by high levels of ROS. I took about 10ml of glutathione halfway through the day as an experiment and cause I felt pretty crappy! By crappy I mean my muscles felt leady. And low and behold that all disappeared when I took it. The weird thing is why isn't my body producing loads of glutathione if I'm giving it all the pre cursors?
Long story short ROS levels do make you feel from on this protocol. Whilst I do take Cysteine glycine vitamin c and others to knock this out. It's still there. Worth remembering. Oh and judee also mentioned the muscular lead feeling can also be caused by ammonia.


Your welcome. Hope it actually helps someone. I might blog more often if this protocol doesn't work out. As I'm determined to find a cure/treatment these days!

Hopefully others will have a go at a blog too :)

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