Day 78

Just a quick update to say that I'm now doing a lot better than I was before, hopefully that will remain over the coming week. I crashed yesterday and with some bcaa's (in two split doses) and some extra glycine (5g)/nac(2g)/choline(100mg)/panthothenic acid(100mg) + 2 litres of water and 3000mg EPA/DHA and lie down for about 45 minutes I seem to have stopped the crash. After I woke up thismorning my body had stopped crashing and my first protocol dose sort of woke me up and ironed me out.

PEM isn't blocked, but available energy substantially increased. Exertion still is difficult though.

I am going to replace my egcg with NOW brand egcg, as I have got the lab reports from consumer labs showing that it has very little caffiene nad is free of lead/arsenic and the like. So perfect really.

I'll also be getting new blood tests next month to make sure my liver and kidneys are ok with the increased NAC dose and the new brand of egcg.

Immune response has calmed down a lot, 440mg beta glucans certainly knocked me on my ass by itself and Iwas incredibly tired for about 5 weeks in total after the second covid jab and subsequent throat infection + EBV flare.

Every time I have taken a glucan and reishi dose I have felt the tissues becoming scratchy in my throat and then each subsequent dose this scratchiness has reduced in size and feeling, it's now pretty much completely gone. No sore throat at all. No swelling either.

So I'll now be increasing the beta glucan intake up to 1400mg a day and replacing the EGCG brand for NOW EGCG. At that point I'll be on a steady baseline and won't have to make or perform anymore changes.

While reading the forum I saw @Martin aka paused||M.E. mentioning Chinese Skullcap and that he's going to give that a go, while I don't know if I have entereoviral infections I've bought chinese skullcap root and will encapsulate that and take 9g a day in 3 split doses. It's supposed to be active against coxsackie b3 4 and 5. Also NAC is meant to be active against it as well as I am sure is egcg, so I figure if I combine all 3 even if only have tiny amounts of entereoviral infection in my tissues, I should be able to get rid of it with prolonged use.

I'll be getting blood work with IMD soon to see what infections I've got.


So when you're done taking a rest from your vacation, do you think you could do a summary of what you would do differently if you were starting the protocol new today, knowing what you know now?

If it's not too much trouble? :)
Hi Judee,

Yep I can do that. It's mainly about branding though. Buying the life extension resihi. Finding a good lion's mane extract. And buying the now decaffeinated egcg. I think egcg and reishi are now driving my dht down contributing to low mood anger and low sex drive. So I'm trying to remedy that by taking a little creatine. Although long term I think I'll lower the egcg and drop the creatine.

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