Day 66

Woke up thismorning without much fatigue, I would say the egcg has buffered my fatigue to 80%.

I had no sore throat overnight, although I did sweat overnight which for me is practically unheard of. Although it was pretty hot it wasn't boiling.

So I am pretty amazed, I feel much brighter today (that will be the green tea!). Funny how the effects last until 7am the following day. I cannot figure out if its the polyphenols or the egcg that is anti fatiguing, in Josh's paper it's GDH's ability to inhibit gdh. One thing it does do is make it harder for me to tune out annoying things, I also become bossier and likely a bit annoying. This is the same sort of over stimulation I'd get from anything really, including astragalus and ginseng. Even fresh caffiene would do this. So it's a tricky one. I am going to play with the egcg dose again, lowering it until I get to a slightly more comfortable level. So I will try 100mg today which Josh recommends in his latest protocol update.

  • 100mg/100mg/75mg - egcg
  • 980mg lions mane - increased to try and shift the nerve and muscle pain faster in my upper back and to balance out a reduction in egcg + get rid of the dizziness I am experiencing.
  • 980mg reishi - viral apoptosis signalling
  • 250mg r-ala

I'll see how I get on.


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