Day 60 - Dose 2

I'm pulling out of my crash I think. Josh recommended some glycine, nac, choline and benzoate to see if it sorted out my dizziness (my heads been a tad messed up since the LDN experiment). I think this made it worse BUT it has more or less alleviated my physical fatigue, so at least one symptom out of two is miles better!

I also think that the dizziness seems worse after dosing with egcg/glucans nad worse after nac/glycine/choline etc. So I think things are being pulled back into a different homeostatic order. Virally speaking unless that's some sort of immune response I am not feeling an immune response to reishi or glucans anymore. No aches and pains or anything like that.

I have been feeling prickly soreness in my throat today after my dosing, this is coming from either the egcg or the glucans, I have no idea which. I am just hoping it's getting rid of something and not in fact making it worse.

When I did my high dose thiamine experiment and hit the higher dosing I had the same thing happen there too. Tingling right at th eback of my throat, first time I had ever remembered feeling this. I figured it was clearing something.

Also I am now at 50mg egcg 3x a day to reduce any immune activation, hopefully I can stabilise now and get to a baseline. If so I'll remain there for a month or so before increasing green tea or beta glucans.
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