Day 59 - Dose 2

Re-introducing the egcg and glucans definitely did something. Feels like my body is trying to "wake up". I'm still quite dizzy and lethargic, less muscle fatigue at present but not sure if that means much.

My crytolepis capsules arrived, took 2 thisafternoon but only had a mild immune response. I guess whatever needed to die off is gone. Sore throat has not returned yet.

I'm off to get my auto immune bloods taken today, which I wish I didn't have to do as I feel pretty weak at the moment. But it needs to be done before the test expires on me.

Such a depressing life when you've got ME as it feels like nothing ever gets done and you never can quite get well enough (on this protocol for example). Even so I am still trying to get back to where I was before the jab, which won't be quick. Until it's time for my booster which I am sure will fuck everything up again.


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