Day 59 - Dose 1

I didn't take any ldn last night as the dizziness which is very much centered in my head and the fatigue in my legs is pretty bad. It's harder to concentrate on things with my eyes than it was before taking it. I assumed it was just a coincidence until last night.

Also my appetite has more or less gone and I'm feeling rather depressed for no reason. Thankfully it was a low dose so hope to feel better soon. In the meantime it seems to have reset part of my immune system which is now nice and calm and feels much closer "I think?!" to pre covid jab levels. So I am now going to go back on the protocol
  1. egcg at 120mg/120mg/75mg/0mg
  2. beta glucans at 440mg
  3. reishi at 440mg
and see if this ameliorates the fatigue WITHOUT causing an immune flare allowing ebv to come back.

If my throat issues are nothing to do with ebv the thought also occurred that it could simply be some sort of auto immune reaction that possibly doesn't have a name - I haven't come across any yet. Rufous McKinney reported something similar so maybe that's the case.

Hoping the wooliness in my head goes at any rate as it's definitely harder to concentrate.

At the same time to be upwardly mobile and to be recovering from an infection and an ME crash this quickly is in itself impressive. But I'd still like to get back to the 80% I was at before the jab ultimately.

Josh has recommended a 3 day fast to get there, but I can't do that sort of experiment and take that sort of risk working full time.
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