Day 56 - Dose 2

Day 2 of feeling better after finally managing to clear the majority of the infection in my throat/back of jaw/jaw itself. No longer getting any weakness or stiffness in the jaw when dosing with anything now, it's completely gone. The ghanian quinine seemed to clear this up in about 24 hours, which is very rapid!

None the less my throat was very sore yesterday from 4pm until 5am thismorning (my body seems to do some sort of house keeping/immune shift at 4am - I am glad I have always been able to sleep even if it's been fragmented sleep (less fragmented since I started the melatonin and 5-htp combo) because I think I would be much worse if it wasn't for that). Regardless I am still concerned ebv re-activated on the back of the bacterial infection, undoing the last 3 to 6 months which were pretty ebv free in terms of non fatigue symptoms.

So it's 1pm now and I feel ok so far, but my necks getting a bit stiff, I should know by 5pm if the swelling has come back or not.

I did a little experiment today.

I woke up about 8.30 am and took 500mg quercitin (the solgar quercitin is the only one I can actually tolerate). I didn't notice anything when I took this, it may have reduced swelling slightly in the throat but I'v no idea. I had a theory while I was sleeping (didn't sleep that great) - what if the throat soreness is MCAS and the MCAS is stopping the body from healing nad keeping the ebv down. While I don't have any symptoms of MCAS other than my throat, I thought it was worth a try. Even so the quercitin if it has helped I can't really tell.

At about 9.30 I mixed my glycine, yoghurt, nac, choline and panthothenic acid with 30 drops of the ghanian quinine (cryptolepis) and mixed that together and then ate it. Taste was obviously not that nice, felt like an alcohol dessert!! but could be worse. Then waited an hour to see how I felt. I got some slight occipital lymph node pressure, but primarily I got some very slight pain and swelling in what I can only assume is a lymph node right in the crease where my tongue joins into my throat (if you prod it from the neck deep into the mouth area). That cleared up after a bit.

At 10.30 I took my tablets r-ala, 1 reishi tablet, thorne b complex, vitamin e and waited to see how I felt. After about an hour my throat was more swollen. This makes me think that either the reishi is causing issues with the ebv which wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if it were true to be honest, or the lymph nodes in my neck are simply getting hammered with every dose I take.

I completely removed the beta glucans today to lower my immune response as I was concerned it might be making things worse, by giving me an almost wired but tired feeling. Which is quite dangerous because ebv loves to replicate under those conditions.

So at lunch I did the same thing and took a slight gap between ghanian quinine and then my protocol tablets. I had slight swelling around the throat with the ghanian quinine and dizziness + was more lethargic/low energy and then pressure with all the lymph nodes at the front nad back of my head inc neck stiffness after the protocol tablets.

So while I do feel better, I'll be much more relieved when these symptoms are gone, as they seem to come back about 1 to 3pm and I've felt like this for about 2 weeks. Where the symptoms will feel gone/vastly better in the morning but by the afternoon/evening there much worse.

Fatigue is also not great today, but I am not taking green tea either at present and I am convinced that controls fatigue better than anything else on the protocol.

So I'll continue this experiment for a week (no glucans and no green tea) then I'll add the green tea back in and monitor my symptoms, if they get worse I'll take it back out again. If they sort of settle down I'll stay on that and then in a few weeks I'll re-introduce the glucans.

I expect I'll have to keep doing this for awhile before I feel fully better. Also the doctor might advise anti biotics if they find strep. I also googled the drug reaction rash that I had and it's the same rash as a scarlett fever rash, so I think this time last year I had strep and now I've got strep again. Hopefully the culture test will confirm this and the swab wasn't taken too late (2 weeks post onset)


Where the symptoms will feel gone/vastly better in the morning but by the afternoon/evening there much worse.
Were your mornings the worst part of your day before you started this protocol?

I understand the afternoon slump but just wonder if you have actually managed to shift something with all your trying because mornings are usually worst for us and evenings better so that could be a positive change. :)

You've gone though so much I'm just still trying to be hopeful for you. :)
My mornings used to be the worst part of my day (pre protocol) but no I would say 1pm onwards was the worst part of my day really pre protocol. Don't get me wrong I went through a period for 2 years when I first had ME where the mornings were very difficult. But that passed, got much better briefly, then I came off siberian ginseng and to be honest ever since I did that I simply got worse albiet very very slowly.

I've just been re-reading awkwardly moderns post about growth hormone defiency. Just another thing I have yet to actually get the tests for. Although I have none of the muscle wasting she describes.

It's 5.20 now and I am due my cryptolepis and my tablets, so I think when I take those I'll feel renewed immune response. i don't feel worse currently but I can definitely feel the swelling. But way way better than yesterday!

I just got an email from Stephen Buhner too, he said if it's strep throat, echinicea angustifolia tincture mixed in the mouth with saliva and dribbled down over the throat, will get rid of the strep. Personally that hasn't been my experience though it's just made former strep infections angrier if anything. Makes me wonder where our bodies go so horribly wrong :/

I know I am feeling better overall, but majorly paranoid now, I'll be glad when I feel ore 100% normal.

Also as I am on the protocol I can't tell the difference between lymph node tissue that's swollen and an infection that might be there. So hopefully t's the former.

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