Day 52 - Dose 1

Feeling a bit more normal this morning, woke up at 7am, although I do have tummy troubles after drinking some green tea yesterday, which has yet to calm down. Probably made worst by my mast cells. The mast cell reaction in my skin has calmed down hugely, I think the 500mg quercitin and lots of peppermint tea combo really helped, as I felt the difference 30 minutes after I started it.

So I am still on the high dose monolaurin for 2 more days until I go back down to a normal dose and then taper off. Sometimes when I come off monolaurin straight away it makes me so violently nausous I dry retch, so I try to get round this by taking lots of good probiotics and tapering off the dose. Withdrawal only lasts a few days usually which is good.

I'm still off the oat bran and beta glucans. I'm going to keep taking the green tea for the time being as my throat feels much more normal thismorning, but I have a sore throat now which I haven't had for about a week, so we will see what happens.


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