Day 50 - Dose 2

So I got my anti biotics. I 100% have an infection somewhere near my vocal chords, can't see it but I can feel it. Not very nice really!! Thankfully got the max dose of the anti biotic which I am not allergic to - or I hope not anyway as I seem to be allergic to most of them.

So I reckon I should feel loads better in 24 hours. Other than that I had no PEM thismorning and I put that down to the 200mg egcg I was taking the day before. I guess it's possible my immune system is overly active so I might not be feeling standard PEM? I do have a fairly bad temperature today but it's not a fever.

Suffice to say my ME seems ok, but I obviously feel a little sick and generally unwell at the minute. Here's to feeling better! This is my third infection in 5 years :( This disease is shit!
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