Day 48 - Dose 2

So today I woke up feeling pretty rough, but as usual after my protein and prior to my first dose I end up feeling a lot better. This is a massive contract to previously where I would eat and it wouldn't make much of a difference. Also thats a huge contrast to my worse state in the first 3 years of this illness where I would eat and feel much worse afterwards, I would not only feel lethargic but quite sick. I've come a long way really!

So after my glycine, nac, panthothenic acid, protein oat bran and yoghurt. I drink some water and tend to feel quite a lot better. But I know this means absolutely nothing if I don't then go and fix the root cause of the ME (in this case the proposed root cause is outlined in Joshua's paper) there are multiple root causes in ME, as we know there are multiple subsets of ME. Some of us will be the lucky ones and in the next ten years we will get a diagnosis. I hope that most subsets will get a single insight, but realistically I think one or two subsets are likely to appear and get diagnosed prior to all subsets getting diagnosed at once.

So going back to what I was saying, Joshua's paper tries to stop hhv6 and ebv (amongst others) forms of viral replication. He does this by limiting the way in which hhv6 messes with the krebs cycle and inhibiting (reducing) glutamate dehydroganese in the krebs cycle which ebv raises so that the body cannot produce energy properly. In so doing he tries to switch off the primary viral mechanisms of action that these viruses go after. Of course on its own this isn't enough. This is also just one model and therefore we have absolutely no idea whatsoever whether this model matches - in this case - my own subset. It might not, I am throwing mud at a wall to see what sticks, it's really that primitive.

However my medical history has acute ebv last year, diagnosed in an emergency ward of a hospital with a consultant ENT specialist. And then 4 or 5 subsequent reactivations over 12 months (these are all self diagnosed but the symptoms were the same). So for me I am convinced ebv causes me major problems.

So going back to what I was saying this is what a typical morning looks like:

1. after my glycine, nac, panthothenic acid, protein oat bran and yoghurt.
2. I drink water, I feel quite a lot better
3. I then take my protocol dose, egcg, r-ala, reishi and lions mane.
4. as the next hour goes by I notice worsening of lymphatic tissue swelling, I notice slight pain in the glands of the ear nose and throat + neck both front and back, lots of mucous (ok so it's basically a bit like snot - sorry if that's TMI!) at the back of the throat. This is it really, temperature sometimes goes up but not often. Aches and pains have gone, they disappeared weeks ago. Mind you I have never had aches and pains with glandular fever, so there we go!

So at this point I feel that the worsening (which gets MUCH worse by 8pm in the evening after taking everything) is caused by the protocol working to kill off viral particles. I'll be proven right or wrong about this in about 2 to 4 weeks.

Now I was also taking Lauricidin but this is a weird one. I noticed that if I took it directly after no 4 above the immune response in the lymphatic tissue, glands, even in the throat (tingling sensation) and ear canal (hard to describe waht that feels like lets call it tingling too) - these symptoms disappear. Now I might be wrong but to me it feels like the lauricidin is blocking the anti viral action of the protocol in step 4.

However my lower jaw becomes weak when I take lauricidin, so I figure it must be killing something in the jaw or at the back of the jaw. But why doesn't the reishi and lions mane do this?

Anyway long story short, I have put the Lauricidin away because I think it's ruining my appetite. I didn't eat any breakfast today and barely any dinner last night. I am going to double the lions mane and reishi dose and see waht symptoms I get.

Which means 4 capsules reishi lfe extract and 4 capsules TIME lions mane ultra.
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Update well the higher dose didn't seem to do much! But that's not uncommon when you either don't have much to get rid of or the herbs stop working and need to be discontinued to keep working.

I think beta glucans may be like that, better off and on rather than always on.

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