Day 41 (5 days into reishi reset)

egcg: 154, 154, 125, 0

Woke up with fatigue in my legs, I guess it felt buffered based on exertion from the day before, but not as buffered or blocked as it had been in the past. It seems like at this point I am 5 days into the original experience I had the first time, because I took a break from the reishi everything has reset.

So going forward bare in mind that I need to wait about 8 to 12 days (based on my original experience) for all the good effects to manifest.

However there is one spanner in the works. Last week while off the reishi I got summer bumps on my fingers, which are transparent small bumps that are apparently due to heat, I've never had them in my life so I don't think it's heat related at all. I also have a small patch of psioirsis on my lower left leg (but this was pre protocol) and I had red pin prcik blood marks rising to the surface of my legs but this appears to have faded now and is not that noticeable.

However thismorning I very slightly increased the egcg intake and I now have a red rash on the back of my hand (one hand worse than the other). I'm not sure if I got egcg powder on them and didn't wash it off quickly enough, or whether the rash is coming from internal ingestion. It did come on within about 30 minutes so not sure if that means much. It seems that since I added the reishi back in my asthma is flaring and I am getting these skin rashes.

I've had skin rashes before with Lauricidin and Clindamycin. So am not too sure what to make of it. I will wait to see if it resolves with time for now.


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