Day 31 - Dose 2

Hi all,

Didn't sleep great last night. Heat!! To be fair as I am sure I've explained before I'm not used to my body being ok with 7 or 8 hours sleep a night. I'm used to getting 10 and then falling asleep at my desk when I haven't got anything in me to wake me up (like thiamine or lauricidin).

So I'm still getting used to that. It's sort of scary to be honest to go from " I can't trust my body to do shit so I must never ever trust it." To "I've had 7 hours sleep but I'm actually awake and can do stuff!"
After aggressive pacing for about 3 years maybe 4 I can say it's quite a change.

Currently on 125mg egcg and staying at this dose as a test for the best 5 days.

I've noticed symptoms began to return when I stopped the lion's mane. But I think it's partly the fact I stopped the beta glucans and partly the fact that my covid jab is highly likely to be allowing viruses to replicate again. So symptoms reappearing are stiffness in the neck, sleepy in the evenings (but not crushingly so yet), smaller energy envelope. I notice that drinking water and taking my usual doses ameliorates all symptoms for about an hour or two before they come back.

This doesn't concern me because it was quite clear to me at the start that if this worked there would be a maintenance dose that I would have to follow probably for life. I'm ok with that. To boot I've been off the triterpenes for about 8 days so hardly surprising viral symptoms associated with ME and ebv hhv-6 etc etc are coming back.

I'm also following @Martin aka paused||M.E. and @The Bard 's progress with interest as they are both severe patients. Wishing them all the best and hoping they feel some reduction in symptoms soon. Goldstein always said that patients came to him sucidal and ready to end it, he gave them his resurrection cocktail to get them up and moving and it almost always worked with a few exceptions. It would be nice if something else existed to get people even a quarter of the way there.

While we wait for the science to figure out this god awful disease.


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