Day 26 - Dose 1

Going to experiment with a different dose of EGCG now as 200 was just a complete stab in the dark.

EGCG: 154mg egcg/154mg egcg/75mg egcg
Lions Mane: 980mg 3x a day
Reishi: 0mg
Oat bran: 1 tsp 3x a day

Dose today will be 154mg egcg/154mg egcg/75mg egcg and then 0mg egcg. Might opt for 25mg egcg for the last two doses potentially, might help sleep which is still not optimal, at the same time I don't want to loose the PEM blocking effect.

I'll also be re-introducing lions mane, as I figure an increased immune response won't stop the vaccine working, but triterpenes might well cause problems.

Doing ok with the 2nd covid jab so far (AZ), had very painful muscles for about 4 hours, but no other symptoms, so wildly different to last time and seemingly due to the effects of the protocol I actually feel really good. But the immune response has me totally wired so hoping I can come down a bit at least soon.


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