Day 21 - Dose 2

Standard protocol with tweaks:
EGCG 125mg
Reishi/lion's mane 980mg each
Oat bran 0mg

Today's going much better. Considering I woke at 8.30 today and yesterday and went to bed lateish last night seemingly more sleep currently isn't what I need.

I woke up with fatigue thismorning as I already said but it felt less aggressive less like a sustained crashed. It felt like my body had stopped crashing. I described the protocol to someone today as "the highs are higher and the lows are lower" when i push exertional tolerance I seem to crash but harder even if it's for fewer days. And when I have a good day I can feel really good on those days.

My stomachs been bubbling away for awhile now. Could be due to diet changes but I also worry if it doesn't stop it's a sign of something worse.

Knees and dizziness much better today and very much milder than they were. I'm going to modify my blog updates with my protocol tweaks at the top from now on.
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Yes that's on the 2nd of June.

Covid jab is on the 3rd.

But I've got to come off all of the immune herbs today the 31st so my body has time to recover from my last crash. Hopefully this won't invalidate the liver tests.

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