Day 18

Really good day today, honestly amazed considering I felt rough thismorning, I feel fine now.

Just amazed how much energy I have throughout the whole day. Also the inflamation in my cranial cervical junction seems to have shifted, my muscles don't appear to have much PEM anymore either. I can't really beleive that taking carbs out of my breakfast was responsible for all this. Personally I saw the biggest change when I started taking 75mg egcg every 4 hours.

Also after exertion there's either ZERO (yes Zero) muscular fatigue (where it feels like your cells are going cold and all the energy is being sucked out of them). It's going to be interesting to see if this continues.

I have a covid 2nd jab on the 3rd, so I expect that will be a set back temporarily. But I am more hopeful and upbeat than I've been in years. Of course it's only been 4 days feeling this good, not 6 months.

First checkpoint is to see how I feel tomorrow morning I think and then on to more graded excercise tomorrow, 2 minutes on the bike should be a good idea I think. I hate cycling so as soon as I can go out for a tiny run I'll do that and then I'll gradually build that up slowly if there's no issues. Of course will have to knock all that on the head after I get the vaccine for about a month.

I am really wondering if anyone else is seeing these improvements. @BrightCandle @Reading_Steiner ?
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