Day 15

As I said woke up fairly rough thismorning. Throat still very horse, but other than that had a really productive day. Brain feels like it's turned up to 150% though which isn't very good really as it means sleep is going to be tricky tonight. The night sweats from last night are bothering me a tad but if I go back through the last 5 years I haven't had night sweats for about 2 years. Whilst this might sound good, maybe it's not. For all we know the body might try to fight itself to health in the early years of this disease and only as time, events and age/illness compound the symptoms do we get worse, even if our bodies put up a good fight along the way.

One thing I noticed yesterday which I didn't want to comment on until today is that the swelling at the back of my head is vastly reduced with the 75mg egcg dose. Whilst my neck is stiff and my muscles are a bit sore further down into my back, my neck and the occipital area of the skull feel a lot better. This is basically how I felt taking high doses of thiamine and how I felt when I took nimodipine (the early effects which were later overridden by side effects).

So I am back on the full protocol today, nothing skipped or taken out, apart from the oat bran which Josh has made clear isn't essential if you need to reduce the level of apoptosis/immune response.

I also started the thorne multi today, this is probably why I've had such a good day mentally and it might also be why my muscles in my back hurt (the last 2 times I've taken b12/b1 at various levels I've had issues with the muscles of my neck and it all seems interlinked). I even managed to clean two bathroom sinks and a shower basin today, with bleach without any chemical sensitivities. But my chemical sensitives have been better for about 2-3 months.

However one thing that bothers me is that I am always amped up, I never really relaxed, my mind is constantly "on", even when going to bed or waking up. When asleep I'm ok unless I wake in the night. I've never been mad keen on this feeling because it's just not very nice, you can't relax at all. I'll try the b complex tomorrow again and if that keeps me awake I'll have to lower the dose or something.

I am also wondering how many hours sleep people on the protocol who are in remission are getting. I am wondering if there going from say 10 hours sleep a night, to 6 or 7 hours.

Remains to be seen waht the long term effects will be if I can't get my sleep to improve or my body to calm down. Also how do I easily tell what's causing the issues with sleep and mental over excitation? Is it the EGCG? Is it the b complex? Is it the whey protein? How do I figure it out? No easy way to say, which is not ideal.

I tried taurine for sleep last night, just made me feel much worse, took 1000mg and it had no effect on calming me down.


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