Day 110 - Joshua Leisk protocol

A recap of what I am taking:

1 thorne b complex
8000 IU vitamin D
400uq vitamin E
half a mineral capsule biocare mineral complex (zinc, selenium, copper, molydenum, mag, boron, etc)

2 lions mane ultra capsules 3x a day
1 reishi capsule 3x a day (lowered the dose to save on reishi costs! but also to prevent it effecting my mood badly)
30mg egcg 2x a day
NAC 1g 3x a day (lowered from 2g for the time being)
Glycine 14g 3x a day
panthothenic acid 100mg 3x a day
choline 100mg 3x a day
1 tablespoon oat bran (beta glucans) once a day.

mag ascorbate 3g in two split doses (so mag and vitamin c)
200mg mag from diet
50mg mag citrate from mineral mix

Mineral mix does appear to have made a difference to my overall stability.


Symptoms gone:
  1. No muscle fatigue even upon exertion, or very minor at best.
  2. Brainfog is pretty much gone, but the b vitamins do cloud my thinking, different symptom but I haven't found the cause.
  3. PEM is minor, I think I had one outbreak of PEM but I actually think it was MCS from an hour long hot tub session and a reaction to bromide!
  4. Exertional envelope increased in the last week at a steady and stable pace.
  5. No sore throat
  6. Mouth ulcers are 60% gone, the symptoms come back but I never quite manage to get one. Overall though they don't ruin my day for weeks on end like they used to!
  7. Cranial cervical inflammation, spinal inflammation, stiff neck, back and muscles - all these symptoms have gone and they only come back if I remove the b complex.
  8. No viral symptoms, unless I get withdrawal from something I don't tend to get any viral symptoms or flu like symptoms or lymph node swelling anymore.
  9. Can hold a conversation now for quite a long time, which was not possible before.
  10. Can exert myself for periods (then rest) much more reliably than before. Be interesting to see if this improves or plateaus.
New symptoms/issues:
  1. Voice very deep when taking the b vitamins
  2. Harder to stay calm but not impossible with reduced egcg and oat bran doses.
  3. Tiredness "heavy eyes" from the b vitamins, but very different to ME symptoms.
  4. Sleep is poor most nights, but if I go for a walk I find I can sleep better.
  5. Teeth and gums feel tight, or they feel agitated, like something is not quite right.
I do wonder if bacteria may be smouldering away in my body, considering a short course of anti biotics just to deal with any leftover from my last infection although ghanian quinine definitely seems to kill nasties I am dealing with. My jaw goes weak sometimes as well, which again I wonder is it bacteria or is it ligament weakening...not sure.


I certainly don't feel cured but seem to be at a much more stable 80% with the minerals I added. I'll get my bloods re-tested as soon as I can. I have experimented quite a bit with potassium gluconate, but I haven't really found it does much, I'm not sure whether to keep trying it or not but I probably will.


Went for an hour walk tonight. Felt quite drunk/very clumsy by the end of it. Dizziness is worse as expected. But I've not walked for an hour without crashing in such a long time. A few years I think. Not since I first took astragalus/reishi 3x a day. Which used to work but doesn't do a thing these days. Or at least it didn't.

Life extension reishi doesn't give me an energy boost but that might be a change in my body more than anything.
If the LE reishi doesn't give you an energy boost anymore, have you tried your old brand to see if it would? Just curious.
Hi Judee,

I haven't tried that. But the only issue is Joshua did mass spectrometry on 4 brands of reishi and 2 of those brands had barely any of the medicinal acids in them. From this I've inferred that most reishi is basically useless medicinally. The life extension reishi had very high peaks for the triterpene acids and it's these acids which tell the immune system which cells are bad and to go after them. I must say I have no symptoms of ebv anymore. But I could do with some titer tests to prove my hhv6 and ebv levels are actually less aggressive. But just too expensive in the UK

So while I could do that I suspect the lack of medicinal acids would ultimately cause the herpes viruses to start replicating again. I do take the minimal dose now though 400mg 3x a day.

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