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Treatment gains are fantastic. Now able to do 3 sets of exercises and have doubled my aerobic capacity. It's a lot of work but worth it. Mental is better too. Brain ability has really increased and able to process a lot more info. Wrote 50 pages of research. :)

I'd estimate I'm at around 65% normal up from 10% at lowest.


It's my own creation. Not sure what to call it. Aggressive Anti-Combined Herpetic Therapy (AACHT)? I've asked a rheumatologist to do some testing to try to quantify the theorized apotosis of infected cells. Basically, I took Dr. Martin Lerner's idea that cells can have latent herpes infections and looked for ways to go around the blocks that the infections introduce. The theorized result is that they kill themselves and stop chronic inflammation and pain. It's basically the same goal as apoptosis chemotherapy except I'm targeting herpes viruses infections instead of cancer.
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