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Sometimes I think I'm okay, I'm going to make it, this isn't so bad, & sometimes I think, I'm only trying not to die every day, & this might be the best it will ever be. It is hard to be the one on the list that no one knows what to do with, even the professionals & the experts. This is one of those days that I can't shake. Even at about a 5 with a B-12 shot, I quickly dwindled to a 3.

Crash of epic proportions now, so please forgive the brain fog. I am writing this after seeing another "expert," my dentist. I've felt like I was coming down with the flu (post nasal drip, feverish, weak), along with a swollen gum. I asked him what my crown was made out of, & he got super defensive, asked why I wanted to know, & then if I had an allergy to metals. I told him I had an M.E. diagnosis from the Mayo Clinic, & he acted as though he didn't hear me (typical). He pulled some kelp out of my gums (I knew this had been the culprit), & said I'd be OK (only I have kelp-eating-induced injuries). My fear is bacterial infection. I know that with MCS, we under-respond to viruses & cancer, stuck in T-2 mode, & over-respond to bacteria. Any Phoenox Rising Readers, feel free to chime in. My real question for a day that has ended on a 1.5 is WTFWJD? I'm angry, I'm isolated, I'm scared, I'm trying, I'm out of ideas, I'm afraid of being wrong about whatever I try to do to make myself better. This afternoon my kids have had to watch TV, & on top of it all, that makes me feel horrible.


So sorry to hear this. I hope you can find a better dentist! The dental area is just so fraught with questions and problems. It's so helpful to have a holistic dentist.

I would think that bacterial problems in the gums/teeth would be readily identifiable to a dentist. But what is causing the swollen gum? Is it next to the crown? Could there be an infection in there? Something is causing that swelling. Dental infections can be rough that's for sure. He said nothing about the swollen gum?
The swelling was caused from a sharp piece of kelp that got stuck in there (I don't think it was exactly next to the crown, but the tooth it was wrangled in has a crown), so we agreed that was causing the swollen gum. he said to use scope & it will be better soon, but i already am having weird pain in my ears. i'm hoping that it will now be able to resolve on its own. i hope to find a holistic dentist that takes insurance!

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